Spiderman vs Chun Li

Marvel is back to try and defeat Street Fighter. Sadly for them they’ll never be a match. Chun Li is an intense fighter who fights at a pace that is much too intense for Spiderman. Spiderman was never the best hand to hand fighter. Chun Li wins.

Update 4/28/2019 With the Phoenix Force Spiderman is definitely too much for Chun Li to handle. Spiderman wins.

8 thoughts on “Spiderman vs Chun Li

  1. I love Spider-Man more but he was because of her massive skill and experience advantage Chun li would sadly destroy him.But I love Chun li too so it isn’t too bad, They would probably be great frends if they meet though I would like that a lot.

  2. Chun li absolutely claps Peter unless cosmic Spider-Man is used which is sad but also very very epic because I do love her a lot too.

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