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Ghost Rider vs Etrigan

Ghost Rider has his motorcycle and with it he can run over most of his opponents. They just don’t have the skills to beat him. Ghost Rider gets another win while Etrigan drops down the charts temporarily. Ghost Rider wins.

4 thoughts on “Ghost Rider vs Etrigan”

      1. lol, you are right. Barely a point at all. Well, Ghost Rider’s been seen to go tow to toe with Hulk during the World War Hulk arc and actually seemed to have the upper hand, which is a feat in of itself. He also took down Galactus in the past. True, Galactus was hungry (He’s almost always hungry) but taking those two down effectively are really good feats. Etrigan’s done well against Martian Manhunter who is no pushover himself, but beyond that, he’s never appeared to be a high caliber fighter like that. He tangles with the Swamp Thing and fights Morgan Le Fay as his standard enemies.

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