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Misty vs Ash

Ash has obtained many pokemon through his many travels. For a while Misty tried to keep up, but got swept away with the rest as Ash ditched his friends time and time again. Misty hasn’t improved much since then while Ash keeps acending to new levels each day. Ash wins.

8 thoughts on “Misty vs Ash”

  1. If you look after the three-year timeskip between Red/Blue/Yellow and Gold/Silver/Crystal, she has actually improved a lot in the games. Not enough to beat Ash given the absurd number of Pokémon he has and the fact since her whole team is all water-type, all of them are weak to Pikachu’s electric attacks, but still. By the time you get to Black and White 2’s Pokémon World Tournament she has an awesome team of water-types, including a Quagsire, a Jellicent, a Lapras, a Starmie, a Blastoise and a Lanturn, plus in her rematch in Heartgold and Soulsilver she has a Golduck and a Milotic.

    1. True, now she’s a lot stronger. I’d say she’s potentially one of the strongest gym leaders at this point! If she’d get more variety then this could easily be a close fight. Starmie and Blastoise are probably her biggest weapons 🙂

      1. Probably, although now I think about it, she has Quagsire, since he’s immune to electricity he could possibly take out Pikachu, and Lapras can take out Grass types (especially Torterra) easily. Of course that’s dependant on her Pokémon fighting the right opponents. The aforementioned Quagsire would take very badly to fighting Torterra, Chikorita, Sceptile or Bulbasaur.

      2. Quagsire is good, but I still don’t think he’s a match for Pikachu. Pikachu does have his Iron Tail and his incredible speed! I’m not sure if Quagsire’s fast enough to hit him with his attacks or durable to tank them long enough.

        Yeah, Sceptile’s a good mention. I think he may be Ash’s stronger pokemon! Pikachu may be his only competition on the team

  2. Speed is one thing Pikachu has over Quagsire, he isn’t the fastest Pokémon. But since he’s also resistant to Steel-type attacks, Iron Tail wouldn’t be that much good either. And then there’s his own moves to worry about. Even an abnormally strong Pikachu like Ash’s could probably only take one or two Earthquakes.
    I guess we’ll get to see just how strong a Gym leader Misty is at the World Tournament, as all the gym leaders from around the world will be there!
    All in all, Ash probably still wins, but by no means is this a landslide victory!

    1. Yeah, Earthquake is definitely a powerful attack, but that’s assuming it could even hit Pikachu. He rarely uses it now, but back in Kanto he used to spam the Quick Attack. With it he moves so fast that he leaves a trail of light behind him (Not that he’s moving anywhere close to light. Just epic anime effects) So he could potentially dodge. Also as resistant to iron as Quagsire is, I don’t think he can tank too many Iron Tails. It’s like how the Blob is pretty resistant to punches, but if Superman belts him one….let’s just say it’ll be the end. Yeah, the match is a lot closer now than it was back then

      1. Yeah, whoops. I just looked it up. I just thought I remembered something similar about (maybe) to happen in the anime. Sadly, it may not be. Still, it’s a great idea for the games!

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