Brontosaurus vs Spinosaurus

The Brontosaurus is a very tall dinosaur. While they aren’t carnivores they are still very deadly. With their teeth most wouldn’t stand a chance. Of course The Spinosaurus is also a very deadly dino and won’t back down in a fight. Brontosaurus would put up a brave fight, but would lose in the end. Spinosaurus wins.


12 thoughts on “Brontosaurus vs Spinosaurus

  1. Actually Brontosaurus would win(You thought I’d say it was fake? Read this: On topic, Spinosaurus was adapted for hunting large fish, crocodilians and (maybe?) giant aquatic mammals. It wasn’t really built for combat against sauropods like Brontosaurus. Spinosaurus may have coexisted with Paralititan, a sauropod much larger than Brontosaurus, but it likely fed on ill,exhausted, old or young individuals NOT full size adults. The only chance I can think of is if it succeeded in gripping the Brontosaurus’ throat and cutting it and even that would be risky.

  2. @Dreager1 The scaled spinosaur in the picture should actually be 18 metres so the gap is 4 meters(~13 ft) in length and 2 tonnes in weight, both in favor of Brontosaurus excelsus. Not that it matters because as you can see in the picture, Spinosaurus would be too clumsy on land. On the other hand if the fight was in water, Brontosaurus would drown. So it’s one fight that’s impossible to make fair. It’s like an elephant against a crocodile.

    • I’m not sure about the Spino being clumsy on land though. Keep in mind the composite nature of the fight and the Spino was fighting very well in Jurassic Park III. I think he could take the Bronto out on land. As for the latter, I’d go with the Elephant B)

    • It’s definitely been cool to watch Dinosaur King lately as I get to see a bunch of different dinosaurs. I’m still not a super expert on the ones that aren’t too mainstream, but it has certainly helped out a bit

      • Yeah, I’d definitely say so. It’s very formulaic and similar to Pokémon so your enjoyment will really be based on how much you like the main characters. They’re pretty fun I’d say and you get to see the rematch of Spinosaurus and T Rex

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