Superman vs Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor and Superman are rivals that transcend rivals. You could even call them enemies. Lex Luthor is a genius and can make nearly anything. Thanks to this not even Superman can take him down sometimes. With his Kryptonite suit Lex Luthor has beaten Superman pretty badly sometimes.

Of course Genius is no substitute for Super Strength, Speed, and Genius. Superman could defeat Lex Luthor pretty easily. All he needs is a split second to ram Lex Luthor at hyper speed and Lex Luthor is dead. Lex Luthor was never a match for Superman, but it was always good to see him put up a fight.

After all if Lex Luthor gave up, it would be like humanity gave up. Superman finally wins another fight, while Lex Luthor loses his first match. Of course Lex Luthor will be back someday. He’s too popular to never return, and when he returns it may be with a win. Superman wins.


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