Spiderman vs Green Goblin

Spiderman is back, but this time he’s fighting one of his greatest enemies. Green Goblin has surprisingly never fought before on the blog, so his debut has been long overdue. The Green Goblin is a being with superhuman strength, speed and reflexes. He has fought with Spiderman many times and they will always be bitter enemies. Green Goblin has his pumpkin bombs and glider to help him take down Spiderman.

Of course while he’s tough he doesn’t have some of Spiderman’s stronger abilities. Spiderman has the Spider Phoenix Form and the Power Cosmic. With those at his disposal Green Goblin poses no threat to him. Green Goblin got an Iron Man Armor, but it can’t take on the Phoenix Force. Green Goblin takes a loss, but one day he’ll be back. Of this we can be sure. Spiderman wins.


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