Space Godzilla vs Destoroyah

This was the toughest Giant Monster fight I’ve had to do in a while. (Or ever) These two are just too evenly matched! Destoroyah is physically stronger than Space Godzilla, but Space Godzilla has the advantage in speed thanks to flying form. Space Godzilla has a barrier which would help him repel Destoroyah’s beams, but for how long? It wouldn’t be able to stop the beams for long. Destoroyah also has a sword and can defeat Space Godzilla….if not for Space Godzilla’s healing abilities. Those give him the win. Space Godzilla wins.

2 thoughts on “Space Godzilla vs Destoroyah

  1. This is a very clever match. But Destoroyah wins. Why? Think about it. Godzilla used Rodan’s energy and shot the Spiral Blast, which destroyed MechaG II, and SpaceG. But Destoroyah tanked it, which means he’s far more durable. Past that, Destoroyah is more of a brute when it comes to hand-to-hand, he will eventually overwhelm and kill SpaceGodzilla.

    • Now this is definitely a close battle. I lean towards Space G by a bit, but it could go either way. I won’t argue that Destoroyah definitely has more defense than Space G. In a hand to hand fight he would also destroy Space G. Space Godzilla does have his own advantages though. Healing through his crystals is a big one. He can summon some and fight Destoroyah to stop him from breaking them. Or he can let Destoroyah break them, while he just makes more. They don’t seem to take much of a toll on him, so he can make a lot of them.

      His telekinesis is also a huge advantage. It was powerful enough to even work on Godzilla. Destoroyah is bigger than Godzilla, so it won’t be as effective. It would still buy Space G some critical time though and do some damage to Destoroyah. All in all, I think the healing and telekinesis are what gives Space G the edge. He’ll keep on recovering while Destoroyah’s health keeps on dipping. Eventually Space G would be able to finish him off.

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