Godzilla vs King Kong

King Kong and Godzilla have been rivals for a long time. King Kong was America’s overwhelming powerhouse of a monster while Godzilla was Japan’s pride and joy. When these two come face to face, you know something epic’s going down.

Aside from the fact that Godzilla’s bigger, has more defense, is stronger, and has more powers than King Kong, this is a good fight. Of course King Kong is utterly outclassed, but he can’t help that. Godzilla takes the win easily. Godzilla wins.

Fanfic version below


57 thoughts on “Godzilla vs King Kong

    • You mean Mothra right? Don’t underestimate her! She later became one of the strongest giant monsters! but yeah I’m sure. Godzilla is plenty tougher by the end πŸ˜€

  1. the fact that godzilla is stronger i wont deny but unlike godzilla king kong has the will to survive and to never give up till his dying breath and that alone can easily make king kong win and godzilla lose and eat shit with the other giant monsters but if ur talking about the rebooted godzilla and king kong it would actually be a tie and they both lose…. u have to take all the big factors of the characters into consideration so u could make a reasonable conclusion to fights like this…. and remember that old godzilla and king kong (king kong wins the fight) and rebooted godzilla and king kong (its a tie!) ^_^

    • I dunno. Godzilla has that will to survive as well. Even when it was 3 against 1 he still didn’t back down! (And he beat them all easily btw) Also when they met the movie directors even had to make King Kong bigger so he could be a match for Godzilla. Otherwise King Kong isn’t even half his size. Another big factor is that Godzilla has beams, but King Kong doesn’t πŸ˜‰ Godzilla was able to survive a Black Hole and also bust a meteor with a single blast. Yeah, I don’t think King Kong’s quite Godzilla’s level. He’s better against Zilla (Who’s cool btw) So I still think Godzilla wins and you may want to reconsider πŸ™‚

    • Consider King Kong is about the size of a T-rex (we will use Jurassic Park T-rex as a Referrance) And Godzilla’s Left foot can easily step on a T-rex and crush it like an ant. That alone I would have to say Godzilla wins and Kong eating Tyrannosaurus stuff. Nevermind Godzilla being a nuclear juggernaut. Toho made King Kong Godzilla sized to make it a fair fight. Even then 2 endings were made. One where King Kong wins and shown in American theatres so Americans wouldn’t get their feelings hurt.

      • Yeah, King Kong is heavily outgunned in this round. Since it’s composite he still gets to use his giant form, but it won’t really save him. Godzilla is much stronger than King Kong and thanks to his Atomic Breath the battle should be pretty easy. Godzilla also has other powers that he can use, but he probably wont’t even need them against King Kong because I’d say that he’s a better hand to hand fighter πŸ™‚ (In the showa films he proves this)

  2. Yo DReager1, I just wanna let you know that admin says you are still welcome to post on Factpile. He just said that it got annoying when you use smileys in every post.

    Anyway, you’re allowed to come back.

    • Thanks for the notice NZ (Resisting urge to use a smiley in this post) I still probably won’t come back for a while because troll or not I still did disrupt the site a whole lot. I’ll maybe come back in a few months of something, but I still think I should give the site a break. Let things cool down a while and then when everything’s said and done I’ll make my flashy (without smileys) reappearence! Still thanks a lot NZ and hope you’re doing good on FP!

      • You should come back soon before StealthRanger throws a big party or something. It would probably ruin his whole year to see you return lol.

      • Don’t worry I assure you that I Will return. I plan to be back before the year’s up at any rate. I still feel like I should let things play out a bit first. If it helps, I’m still following the site and topia. Reading all the comments, etc. I’m just not commenting πŸ˜‰

  3. hey guys i know godzilla will win because. one:king kong have no fire power and godzilla does.two:king kong is not as fast as godzilla

    • Yeah, King Kong having no projectiles is a huge downer for him. Now there’s no way for him to block Godzilla’s blasts. Also Godzilla is a lot more durable than King Kong

  4. There was a film called “Godzilla vs King Kong”. They evened the odds a little by giving King Kong the additional ability to absorb electricity and become stronger while Godzilla had a weakness to it. I think Godzilla still won.

  5. aside from all that…. king kong made the attempt to climb the empire state building i think it was… while godzilla was way taller than the empire state building….
    so its like a dog fighting a catepillar or something

  6. LOL!!
    Reptile vs Godzilla!
    curious George vs King kong
    butterfree vs mothra
    hey im still waiting for that Goku vs Sasuke match >:P because even if Sasuke is at light speed, SSJ4 Vegeto is MUCH faster then that πŸ™‚ one simple kamehameha would finish him

    • Which Reptile? There are many typed you know πŸ™‚

      Curious George vs Godzilla Accepted!
      Butterfree vs Mothra Accepted!

      But that Goku vs Sasuke match is one of your newer, but easier ones πŸ˜› I’ll have it up no worries. Don’t forget Sasuke’s fire style ninjutsu. If he hits Goku hard enough, the fusion could break down like Gotenk’s πŸ™‚

  7. KING KONG = 50ft tall (max measure, original he was 18-24ft tall)
    GODZILLA = 334ft tall (or 100meters max measure, originally he was 167ft(50m))

    that, along with having firepower for godzilla, regeneration ability, being able to survive molten lava, nuclear blasts, alien abduction… i would say the battle is weighed heavily in Godzilla’s favor

  8. ofcourse its going to be Godzilla. A freakin vintage war airplanes can make King Kong bleed enough for it to fall off a building. Godzilla can survive missiles, nukes, & various alien weapons. This is such an obvious answer I can’t believe there is any doubt to this question.

    • I agree. Godzilla is just a stronger character overall. He has better defense, strength, and more powers to use against Godzilla. Not to mention that he’s also bigger than King Kong. It’s one of those big rivalries that’s not really much of a rivalry anymore

      • I was actually surprised by the poll breakdown, you would think it would be a lopsided result. What the hell is wrong with your all your followers? rofl. [you know I’m just kidding with that]

      • lol, well I have a feeling that some votes may for him may have been out of nostalgia. Or some of them just didn’t know all of Godzilla’s abilities. At least Godzilla’s still edging out in the poll votes πŸ˜›

  9. For those of you who voted for kong, you guys must be ignorant to the awesomeness that is godzilla. Godzilla outclasses him in every way. Strength, godzilla has thrown monsters around like rag dolls ( king ghidorah, kumonga, etc.), king kong has battled with some t-rex’s and judging from the size, it wasn’t that tyrannosaurus hex., so it’s not a big deal) durability, king kong was screwed by missiles, godzilla, eats missiles for breakfast all day every day and too a blast more than 10Γ— his own (godzilla vs biollante), bot to mention his his monstrous regeneration. Speed, godzilla has fought rodan, nuff said kind kong, jets messed him up, nuff said. Intellegence, godzilla, thinks on a human like level ( miki stated it and it was shown in battles ex his battle with orga) king kong, crazy over some girl, jk though but he’s about the same. Size :-D! Energy projection, godzilla- atomic breath (common and red spiral, both which would kill king kong), pulse, electric blows kong, lightning? Fighting skills, godzilla, period. Well i think this about raps it up.

  10. Why is this even debatable!? He wouldn’t even last against kamacuras! Zilla would def be a better match up. That movie was retarded, and clearly for american benefit. Ex king kong being godzilla’s size, a perfectly placed lightning bolt to revive his gorilla….. butt, and, this is key,him tying/winning against the king. I wonder which type of gorilla he is, lowland or moutain? Either way he sucks :-P.

    • Zilla and King Kong would definitely be much closer. Yeah, they definitely gave King Kong a size boost which helps his composite form, but still no match for Godzilla!

  11. huh…I have seen the 1963 version of Godzilla vs. King Kong in which, Godzilla loses to King Kong. I guess the producers disagree with you huh?

    • I know, the sheer inaccuracy of that film was astounding. They even had to make King Kong a lot bigger so that it would even be a fight! The producers definitely knew that King Kong couldn’t cut it against a real monster. Reminded me of the ole Batman beats up Superman fight from Dark Knight Returns. Dark times….

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