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Gon vs Galactus

Galactus is back for his first fight in a while. He’s fighting the most fought character on the entire blog, GON! Gon has super strength, speed, and hand to hand skills. It would be a simple matter for him to crush Galactus with a Super punch. Galactus may be strong, but he’s too big and loses this one. Gon wins.

7 thoughts on “Gon vs Galactus”

      1. I have to keep the site kid friendly so I edit out those words. Galactus is extremely powerful, but a punch from Gon could knock the wind out of him. Plus Gon is a lot faster than Galactus and can speedblitz him

  1. One punch? Since when was gon able to destroy planets with a single punch. Even if he could, it wouldn’t matter since galactus has survived universe busting attacks. Galactus is bigger than the earth and can grow larger. Speed wouldn’t be a factor since gon can’t get away from galactus’s sight. Galactus would be in space just watching down on gon as he tries to get away from him. Gon can’t reach that distance. So no attack would even hit galactus. And no kid would even go on this site. If they actually wanted to go on a battle forum they would go somewhere better like comicvine.

    1. I’ve always considered Gon to be a planet buster since Greed Island. His super form also helped him out a lot and closed the gap between Gon and the fighters have other Shounen Jump series like Bleach. The speed still helps because Gon can dodge his attacks unless Galactus decides to take out the entire planet. Then Gon would need to block his attack with a super punch. I’m sure that many kids come to this site so I have to make sure that it is safe And secure. Gon could use a mega jump to get near Galactus and attack. His range is pretty good after all

  2. If he somehow jumps towards galactus, he would just die because then he would be in a vacuum. What if galactus shot a big laser at the other side of the world to blow it up? I highly doubt that gon is fast enough to run to the other side of the world in two seconds. And only solar system busters can deal the least bit of damage to galactus. Maybe gon at his most powerful form with his most powerful attack can destroy a planet, but not an entire solar system.

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