Goku vs Beast Boy

Beast Boy is strong, but he’s not exactly Goku! Goku has powers that are far beyond Beast Boy. Beast Boy can turn into animals, but that’s just not good enough anymore. Goku has the Kamehameha wave and can destroy his opponents in a single blast. That’s how powerful he is. Beast Boy didn’t stand a chance. Goku wins.

10 thoughts on “Goku vs Beast Boy

  1. … Couldn’t beast boy turn into a super Sayian god? He shapeshifts into things that are sometimes out of or world. He is able to genetically alter and shift his form just by seeing another living creature. So on sight, he could turn into a Sayian god. And evenly match goku.

      • listen dreager1 he could totally kick goku butt his genetics allow him to adapt to any climate including the creatures beast boy could turn into his dragon form or anything else
        on gokus world. goku would be creamed against the the pavement beast boy

      • dreager1 change the vote its beast boy who won first of all when Garfield Logan (Beast Boy) was injected with his fathers serum saving him from shakirai virus he genetic code change its always been this way but he can adapt to climates and turn into the creatures in the environment he can turn into a dragon for goodness sake even turn into the creatures on gokus world or even other worlds beast boy will counter goku with creatures that he cant face himself. by the way the way he can face humanoids dont listen to this guy. so this vote proves beast boy won.

    • yea genetics can adapt to any climate and species on any world he could be a dragon for goodness sake goku may have power but beast boy has any creature up his selves so this post is clearly wrong

  2. well in the comics he could turn into a dragon so if goku tried to use that beast boy can counter him t-rex or the dragon and defeat him so this is complete blow on this post beast boy had won this one not goku

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