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Black Adam vs Superman

Black Adam is pretty powerful. One of DC’s top guys all right. But can he beat Superman? Nah! To Superman he’s just another guy with Super Strength, Flight, and Super Speed. Plenty of those guys in DC. Superman is superior in all 3 of those categories in case you were wondering. Black Adam may be powerful, but he just can’t take on the Man of Steel. Superman wins.

2 thoughts on “Black Adam vs Superman”

  1. Black Adam has more than strength flight and super speed
    Superman has a vulnerability to magic that the Black Adam can exploit.
    I can’t say for sure that it’s the deciding factor, or anything, but it didn’t seem like it was considered at all in you analysis.

    1. Well, it depends on the version of course, but typically, I’d say that Superman exceeds Black Adam in those areas. It usually seems closer because of the magic advantage. Of course this is composite, so Superman has access to his 1 Million form and All Star, among others. Black Adam still is a very strong guy, but I think Superman would prove to be too much for him

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