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Superman vs Doomsday

Doomsday makes his long awaited blog debut. This is an historic moment for fans everywhere. So what better way to start him off than by having him fight Superman? Well Doomsday in his prime took on 32 fully powered Super beings!

A pretty impressive feat to say the least. In brute strength Doomsday’s often been compared to the Hulk for obvious reasons. Thing is, he’s fighting Superman. Superman has enough brute strength to fight with Doomsday, but that’s not the deciding factor in this one.

Speed is what clinches Superman’s win. He’s just way too fast for Doomsday to get a hit on him. Superman is about as fast as Flash though possibly faster. Superman’s just always had more powers at his disposal. He also has his Heat Vision and Freeze Breath.

They may not be the most impressive powers at times, but they get the job done. One thing many forget is that Superman’s also a Super Genius, possibly smarter than Batman. So if it came down to it he could think of a plan to win. Regardless Superman takes this match and gets yet another win, but don’t worry guy, Doomsday will be back on the blog to fight again! Superman wins.

157 thoughts on “Superman vs Doomsday”

      1. Mr Majestic is way stronger, and Composite Flash is the FASTEST thing in fiction.

        Oh wait, you’re just gonna use out of context scans of Superman “tagging” Flash.

  1. HA.HA.HA…..AAAAAHHH….. I thought it said “possibly smarter than Batman” but i thought are you kidding me!?!?!

      1. A bit, I know the author’s intent was to make him stronger, but it was clearly fake since Doomsday’s blow did that much damage. Perhaps there was a plot reason as to why Superman was so weak there.

      2. Only Time DD has fought Superman evnley was in DOS and New 52.

        DD has pwned him or ARMYS of Characters that casually one-shot him and his friends

      3. Yes. Granted, Doomsday is one of the strongest DC characters. He is certainly not as strong as Superman, but top 5 in all of DC? I think you could make a strong case for that.

      4. Perhaps the writers panicked or they wanted to make Superman look weak to make the stories more interesting. It would be a little uneventful if he always one shot all of his villains right?

      5. That’s like saying that if I were to become a writer in 20 years and make a terrible story where Superman loses in a single punch to a random guy who calls himself Gotham Boy that it would prove that Gotham Boy beats Superman. That did happen in the comics recently and I had a good laugh about it.

      1. Comics have portrayed Ocean Master to beat Superman and Deathstroke to have beaten the JLA…so I take them with a nice grain of salt at times.

      1. Mxy- Too slow
        Gog- Too slow
        Silver Surfer- He has a good amount of speed and strength, but both of which are inferior to Superman
        Archie Sonic- I may have to give you this one. It would be a great fight, but Sonic may have the edge here.

      2. WF mxy already One-shot Spectre and Superman

        Gog already beat Superman and Friends and has Nanosecond+ reaction speed. Also being fast doesn’t help you against him because he can see electrons

        Why is Silver Surfer weaker and Slower than Supes?

      3. I’m calling plot hax on the first one. As for Gog, Superman likely wasn’t going all out so he wouldn’t hurt his friends. When it comes to raw power and speed, Superman’s got Gog beat. Gog’s reactions are good, but he still wouldn’t be able to challenge Superman in a close range fist fight.

        SS has consistently been humiliated by other heroes who don’t have Superman level speed. Galactus, Thor, even the Hulk to an extent. I still remember how he was kidnapped and captured during Planet Hulk. Superman would have him beat before the Surfer could mount much of a defense.

      4. You can’t call Plot hax on everything……..

        Fair enough, but what about when Gog beat Supes 1v1?

        Silver Surfer is a Pacifist and most of those people are his friends. He was holding back

      5. I can’t, but I find it necessary a lot of the time with all of these modern comic moments…even retros aren’t totally safe.

        That was probably bad writing is Gog beat Superman 1 on 1. Maybe Superman was holding back for some reason.

        The Surfer doesn’t like fighting, but let’s put it this way. Superman would crush Galactus in a fight and SS is always portrayed as much weaker than the big guy. That’s why he wouldn’t last too long in a fight against Superman.

      6. The comic in which Mxy pwned Superman was a Classic Comic

        Superman didn’t hold back. Gog Killed Multiple Supermen from other timelines until he fought the real one

        Superman could not defeat Galactus. I’m not even going to debate that as that is ludicrous

      7. Galactus couldn’t beat Ego or Ghost Rider, let alone Superman. He wouldn’t last long.

        In classic comics, Superman has been humbled by many fighters. Even Mongul beat him a few times, but it was good entertainment so I usually let it slide. Not in debates though.

        As for Gog, it was a different Superman each time though right? Each time they probably went in at 50% strength so they wouldn’t destroy him and didn’t get serious until it was too late.

      8. Galan was Starving in those instances. Life Bringer Glan (who doesn’t need to eat) would dominate Superman

        Superman’s highest showings also came from the Classic days.

        Your Gog point is pure speculation

      9. From what I’ve seen, he is starving 90% of the time. Superman doesn’t have a huge weakness like that. Superman’s best showings in my eyes are from titles like Unchained and some of the New 52 adventures and JLA comics. The early comics were good for text feats and blowing away solar systems, but the modern ones are better for combat.

        Gog just doesn’t impress me yet.

      10. That’s true, but then we also have Superman 1 Million to think about.

        Gog is strong, but he just seems incredibly slow, which hurts him for me. That’s not to say that he isn’t a credible threat though. I could see him beating a ton of characters.

      1. Those were some pretty hype scans, but notice how Superman was still cracking one liners and not getting fazed? His confidence speaks volumes.

      2. DCAU Amazo is completely insane. He was strong enough to take out any Marvel character and just about any DC fighter. Granted, that was his Gold form. Prior to that, I’d put him at about Superman level. DCAU Mongul’s also about Superman level, possibly even a little stronger and more durable, but slower.

  2. 1st scan of Flash vs Supes is PIS.
    2nd scan of Flash vs Supes, Flash let himself be caught.
    3rd scan of Flash vs Supes, you’ll notice he only tagged Flash after he stood still, and Flash was moving around him with ease.

    Also, 2 of those are of Barry Allen. Wally > Barry.

    1. First scan is pretty legit. 3rd scan is that Flash was caught off guard, but had been going super fast. Superman just caught him…because that’s what he does B)

      1. First scan ISN’T. Plus, Flash was wailing on him.

        3rd scan, should I post a Flash, not even moving at Lightspeed, dodging him over and over.

        And don’t you dare use Deathstroke, or I’ll post a scan of Supes failing to catch AK-47 Rounds.

      1. Zoom is WAY faster than Supes.
        Remember Darkseid wrecking Supes.
        Supes flew at him and Monty slapped him away.
        Superman Prime tanked Universal destruction.
        Flash?! TOO SLOW?!? LMAO.

        I’ve told you this before, Wally could only move at the speed of Sound when Slade tripped him up.

        SBP preventing a blitz is a high showing for him, not a low showing for Wally.

        Captain Cold has lightspeed reactions.

      2. Supes tends to wreck Darkseid as well so it goes both ways.
        I’d say that Superman’s definitely faster than Zoom. Even the Spectre couldn’t allow Superman to keep on speeding because the Man of Steel was too fast for reality.
        Superman forgot his speed against Monty.
        Prime is still impressive.

        Captain Cold has lightspeed reactions? I can’t buy that at all, he’s just a normal guy with a cold gun. As for Wally being faster than Superman, I can’t buy that. Remember those scans I linked?

    1. You’re saying that Superman couldn’t fight Zoom at that speed? I think he could handle it, but he wasn’t in combat mode yet. As for Spectre, it’s due to Superman’s incredible speed that he was going to reach the beginning of creation, even the Flash never pulled off such a feat and that’s saying something!

      Good speed feats for Wally there, but I could always counter with Superman outspeeding the bank robbers multiple times in a single scene or him grabbing Flash again.

      1. Nope. Zoom was blitzing Supes, WW, and Batman at the same time in Sinestro Corps Special.

        Flash has actually gone to the end of the universe and back in the Black Flash arc.

        I could also counter with, “Those were for charity, Clark”.

        Also, none of them were HR Flash, who is way faster.

      2. Honestly, I thought Flash was bluffing with that line. He fears Superman at this point. I can picture Zoom blitzing WW and Batman pretty easy, but that should never happen to good ole Supes.

      1. How?

        Lemme put this to you:
        Supes’ best reaction feat-Nanosecond.
        Wally’s is Picosecond.
        Picosecond is smaller than Nanosecond.
        Zoom was invisible to Wally.
        Zoom was a blur to an amped Wally.

        You really think Supes’ is the fastest Comic Character? Then what point does Wally being in the JLA (hell, any other member) if Supes is the strongest, Fastest and Smartest?

      2. Wally’s just there to add another heavy hitter. Think of it this way, Superman is smarter than Batman, Stronger than Wonder Woman, Faster than Flash, can swim faster than Aquaman, has more will power than Green Lantern, etc. Superman is the Justice League, but having a team around him helps to make the others look good. It’s all a team effort on Superman’s part.

  3. Flash wasn’t scared of Clark, he was scared of himself. He had just become the Black Flash who is, y’know, DEATH.

    Barry was running to protect everyone, not because Supes was a danger to him. And Supes would be going all out there, as he wanted to help his friend.

      1. Yes, but at one point I thought that I knew that no pizza would ever stand up to RayBari’s. Little did I know that a small pizza in New York would actually pass it as I traveled over temporarily and got to try it out when I was in the area. It was amazing!

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