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Zombie vs Snake

Zombie is back for another loss. He just doesn’t have enough skills to take down Snake. One good grenade and the Zombie is as good as dead. He’s just not quite tough enough to take on Snake. Snake rises up the ranks with this win and shows why he’s such a tough fighter to defeat. Snake wins.

4 thoughts on “Zombie vs Snake”

  1. What zombie are you using? Not that it matters since its facing a super soldier. 10,000 zombies can be thrown at Solid Snake and he can walk out still in semi-perfect condition.

    1. Snake could fight 100,000 Zombies and still win due to his Stamina, and nuclear weapons. So one Zombie should be no trouble at all to Him.

    2. It’s essentially just a generic zombie. Since it is composite, any generic zombie film zombie counts so if there’s one with a mild level of super strength or something, they are applicable here.

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