Domestic Longhair vs Godzilla

The Domestic Longhair makes it’s debut fight, but in the end he can’t take on the King of the Monsters! Godzilla can take nearly anyone out with a single atomic blast. Such power! The Domestic Longhair may have lost this fight, but one day he will be back to show why he’s so skilled. Godzilla wins.

2 thoughts on “Domestic Longhair vs Godzilla

  1. This battle made me angry I want to see more Domestic Longhair battles and I want him to win. Can you do some Domestic Longhair battles against other animals?

    • Yeah, some characters definitely don’t do as well as others. For The Domestic Longhair it’s tough because we’d need to find an animal for him to beat. In case you want to request one I should warn you that some animals are stronger than you may think! like the Ants are actually tough because they have the THEM form from the movie. Still, I bet you’ll find a good opponent for the Longhair to win šŸ˜€

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