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Superman vs He Man

Superman’s far too powerful for He Man. Once they fought and He Man showed how powerful he was, but in reality Superman could take him out with one punch. He Man may be powerful, but in the end he’s no Superman. Superman can destroy whole planets in a single punch! That’s true power. Superman wins.

10 thoughts on “Superman vs He Man”

  1. Well, I believe the one time they fought it was stand-still, and this was pre-Crises Superman.

    So, He-Man could easily beat today’s Superman if he had to fight him.

      1. True, but if He-Man is about equal or close to equal to pre-Crises Superman, and today’s Superman is a fraction of pre-Crises’ powers, then it shouldn’t hurt He-Man too much.

        Besides, he-Man dodges lasers, so he should be fast enough to react to a speeding Superman.

      2. Well, the thing is…I wouldn’t say he’s on Pre Crisis Superman level. It was one of those battles that I didn’t really agree with. Kind of like Superman vs Spiderman. No matter what the circumstances I don’t think Spidey could knock him off a building. I just don’t see how it’s possible.

        Superman’s incredibly fast. Plus unlike a laser that fires straight, Superman can zig and zag each which way while shooting freeze breath and heat vision

  2. I don’t recall the Spider-Man/Superman battle too well, but form what I remember from when I owned the paperback, Superman was de-powered, and later got his powers back and just the air-cushion of his held-back punch was enough to send Spider-Man flying. So the power-differences was acknowledged.

    But He-Man has pushed a moon once (sort of like “Super-Friends” Superman), lifted part of a mountain, and easily broke out of a coffin made of the strongest metal in the universe.

    The thing about Superman speeding around is that he doesn’t seem to do it often in his fights. I don’t recall him doing it in his fight with Doomsday.

    1. Yeah, I admit I don’t really know the circumstances so if he was depowered that definitely helps.

      Yeah, He Man is still a really strong opponent, but his lack of speed may be his downfall in this round. I think I may have actually seen the strongest metal scene or something similar to it. That was cool ūüôā

      Superman doesn’t really speed around much for plot purposes. If he did then a lot of the villains would really lose instantly and they like for it to be close. The worst case of this was when Cheetah managed to take down Superman. Now that was a sad day for Superman fans around the world.

      1. I certainly understand why they don’t use Superman’s super-speed much. They might as well remove that power if they won’t use it.

        Apparently Wikipedia confirms Superman was de-powered when fighting Spider-Man.

      2. Yeah, it’s like Thor’s speed. They used it so little that most people don’t even know that he has it!

        Okay, that definitely helped the comic’s accuracy a lot then!

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