Venom vs Carnage

Venom and Carnage have infected many characters during their stay in the Marvel multiverse. They’ve both added big hitters and were already big hitters in their own right. Venom and Carnage will always be rivals, in their base forms Carnage is stronger, but when super forms come into play this gets tricky.

Let’s start off with Carnage! He absorbed Ben Reilly, Spidey’s Dad, Silver Surfer, and John Jameson. A decent list, but aside from Silver Surfer the other guys aren’t much better than base form. Venom on the other hand….let’s just say he has a lot. He’s got Hulk, Thor, Ms Marvel, Wolverine, Spiderman, She Hulk and many, many, many more. He also got a giant super form in Spiderman Web of Shadows.

So for this match I’d say Venom has a pretty big lead over Carnage. Carnage is strong, but he doesn’t have Deadpool! Absorbing Deadpool also helps Venom in the long run. Venom wins.


12 thoughts on “Venom vs Carnage

  1. Acually I go with carnage he can’t die unless he gets put in fire and he has a lot more knowledge than venom

    • In normal form Carnage is indeed stronger than Venom, but remember…this is composite! So Venom has the power of Hulk, Thor, and most of the Avengers at his side. Carnage does have Spiderman and Silver Surfer though. So it’s still a good fight

  2. and where did you get that Carnage was stronger in his base form? they never fought when they were just goop lol

    • True, Cosmic Carnage is definitely a huge power up! Without those bigshots like Thor and Ms Marvel I think Carnage may win this, but I think that those power ups give Venom the win. Ms Marvel and Thor are very fast!

    • Carnage is physically stronger for sure and he does seem to have the edge typically, but Venom has more experience and he’s gotten bulked up a few times in the past.

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