Brock vs Ash

Brock makes his debut fight on the blog! He may have been one of the older characters around, but he still doesn’t have enough pokemon to beat Ash. Of course Ash has also been around from the beginning of the show and has caught many more pokemon than Brock. Brock takes a loss in this round, but he’ll be back. Ash wins.


2 thoughts on “Brock vs Ash

  1. Like Misty, Brock has caught more Pokémon in the games you may not be aware of. In the World Tournament, he has an Aerodactyl, a Tyranitar, a Rhyperior and a Kabutops (along with the Golem and Onix we all expected). None of which are Pokémon to be underestimated! Ash’s Grass types probably wouldn’t stand up to an Ice Punch from that Tyranitar or a Fire Fang from Aerodactyl, and his fighting types are few (correct me if I’m wrong, as Fighting types go Ash only has Primeape and maybe an Infernape, right?) Ash probably wins due to type diversity and numbers, but Brock would put up a great fight. But then this is three years later. We don’t hae a post-timeskip Ash to work from

    • Yeah, the World Tournament was definitely a good idea! It seems to be helping a lot of the Gym Leaders. Yeah, I can’t really think of any other fighting types at his disposal. The fight definitely seems close. It’ll probably get a bit farther when Ash makes it to the next region, but that could be a while

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