Armored Armadillo vs Brock

Suggested by Anonymous Armored Armadillo is not one of the more memorable Mega Man X villains, but the guy is pretty tough. You can’t expect to deal too much damage to him all at once because of how resilient he is. His durability cannot and should not be underestimated. Brock will definitely need to bring in his A game if he wants to have any chance at claiming victory in this match. Brock’s army of Pokemon will then be able to carry him to victory. Brock wins.

Red vs Brock

This is a tribute to Pokemon Origins. Brock is a character who was awful in the anime, but he was okay in the games. Many would argue that he was Red’s first big challenge. Brock definitely made Red elevate his skills to the next level. Still, Brock wouldn’t be able to stop Red’s army of powerful Pokemon. Red wins.

Pohatu vs Brock

Pohatu is pretty tough, but now he must face Brock! Brock is a pretty tough trainer and he has some tough pokemon at his disposal! His Geodude is tough when it counts and you just know that Zubat will have fun spamming his sound waves. Pohatu may not be able to fend them all off. Brock wins.

Brock vs Ash

Brock makes his debut fight on the blog! He may have been one of the older characters around, but he still doesn’t have enough pokemon to beat Ash. Of course Ash has also been around from the beginning of the show and has caught many more pokemon than Brock. Brock takes a loss in this round, but he’ll be back. Ash wins.