Red Hulk vs Thor

These two have fought at least 3 times in the past, but the most popular ones were the first two. Both of their fights were pretty great, thanks to the art, action scenes, and dialogue. When Red Hulk first showed up he was really pwning everyone in his way.

Even the Watcher was taken down in one shot. Thor was the only being to hold his own and when he returned he really gave it to Red Hulk! Red Hulk is extremely powerful and also obtained the power cosmic and Silver Surfer’s Surfboard. Pretty good power ups, but Thor has his Odin Force. This is a tough battle, but Thor definitely takes the win.

6 thoughts on “Red Hulk vs Thor

  1. Well, normal Red Hulk gets stomped by Thor, but Loebforce Rulk STOMPS THOR!
    Loebforce Rulk has:
    a. The drug-addled brain of writer Jeph Loeb on his side. This allows him to hold his own against characters like Galactus and beat characters like an alternate reality version of the Silver Surfer, Thor, Iron Man, and Green Hulk.
    Normal Red Hulk gets
    a. Speedblitzed and stomped by Iron Man
    b. Stomped by Thor and Hulk

    • Yes, the original Red Hulk was definitely a threat to be feared with Loeb at his side. Thor and the others didn’t stand a chance back in those days. It’s good that things are finally back to normal on that side so Thor can be the ultimate victor once more!

  2. In the context of the Marvel universe as a whole, generally Thor is portrayed as more powerful. And(while not always reliable) Hulk is generally portrayed as more powerful than Red Hulk and Thor is portrayed as far more powerful than Hulk.

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