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Teridax vs Sylar

Teridax and Sylar both have many powers. Name a power and they’ll probably have it, so the question is…who wins! Sylar has some pretty great intuition and all of the basic superhero powers, plus more. Teridax has possibly even more powers. He can shoot lasers, has super speed and strength, and a lot more. In the end I’m going with Teridax, he seems to be more durable which could be the clincher. Teridax wins.

2 thoughts on “Teridax vs Sylar”

    1. Yeah, thanks! 🙂 I try to put them up fast so you guys don’t have to wait too long for your match. Of course it’s not always this fast, but since it was your first request, yours was automatically moved to the front. Currently I try for everyone to have a request up by 2 days at most

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