Galactus vs Teridax

Galactus is a pretty big and powerful being! With one punch he can do some pretty massive damage! Teridax may have many forms and abilities, but in the end I’m not sure they can take down Galactus. Galactus has some pretty impressive endurance and his power is legendary. Galactus wins.

4 thoughts on “Galactus vs Teridax

  1. When he took over Mata Nui’s body, he was around Galactus’ size (he did have a universe in his body). Add that to his multitude of other powers (particularly things like his physical invulnerability, fragmentation, accuracy and mind reading powers) and I reckon it would be near impossible for Galactus to stop him.

    • It definitely can be a tough fight for Galactus. I think I need to see more of Teridax in action. It’s quite possible that I’ll switch the match in his favor. Of course Galactus has the Ultimate Nullififer and his giant space ship. Those could help even the odds

      • Well it’s hard to find a good example of Teridax at full power. None of the movies show him using many of his powers, they’re mostly used in the comics and web stories

        And as for the Ultimate Nullifier, wouldn’t that kill Galactus too?

        The spaceship would definitely help though

      • Well, I think the Nullifier drains whoever it hits of their powers. So it would only harm Galactus if he shot himself. If he used it on Teridax, that could potentially take a lot of the fight out of him.

        It’s too bad when most of the powers don’t appear in the movie. I’ve yet to read a Bionicle comic, but it would be cool to get my hands on one

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