Godzilla vs Venom

Godzilla is back and he’s back to pwn. Or get pwned anyway! Godzilla is big and powerful, but in the end he’s no match for Venom. Venom has his symbiotic power and speed. With those abilities at his disposal, Venom is not someone you want to mess with. He’s just too powerful! Venom wins.

10 thoughts on “Godzilla vs Venom

    • But Godzilla’s not fast enough to step on Venom. Plus Venom has the powers of Thor and the rest of the Avengers! With flight and super speed it will be hard for Godzilla to nail him. So a couple of good blasts and Godzilla could be down for the count

  1. When the hell did that happen? He can’t use the powers of multiple people, he can only use the powers of the person he’s currently bonded with. I’ll assume this is the original Venom so he doesn’t have any of the Avengers powers.
    Again, you underestimate Godzilla heavily.
    Godzilla was in Final Wars at Ground Zero of a meteor impact, an impact that destroyed the whole city of Tokyo yet left Godzilla completely unharmed. Godzilla has taken far bigger beating from other monsters and machines than anything Venom or Thor could dish out.
    Let’s put it also this way for speed: Godzilla can use a Nuclear Pulse to destroy anything in a huge radius, including Venom. Even if he can outrun it, Godzilla can follow it up with an Atomic Breath right away as shown in Godzilla vs King Ghidorah. Venom may be fast enough to outrun Godzilla physically, but that breath will be his death. instantly.

    • At one point he infected the entire new Avengers. Hulk was a What If I believe. It’s composite so he has a lot of powers. Thanks to Ms Marvel form Venom’s easily fast enough to dodge both attacks and also respond with his own blasts. His blasts do some pretty heavy damage! So he can spam them while keeping out of Godzilla’s reach

      • the new Avengers consist of:
        Doctor Strange
        Iron Fist
        Ms. Marvel

        None of those have enough strength to beat Godzilla, not even all together.
        You know, making composites of characters in every thread doesn’t amount to much, it’s even boring. This way, even for Godzilla it’s boring. It’s like you don’t trust a character to beat another character by it’s powers alone. not to mention it leaves little to originality.
        Let go of the composite-character idea in every thread, it’s not always fun.

      • Actually, Spidey, Ms Marvel, Wolverine, and Dr Strange could all take on Godzilla 1 on 1.

        Composite’s good because it gives the weaker characters a chance. Otherwise how could characters like Wasp fight against Goku? It would be tougher for them. Of course we could hypothetically discuss who would win if it weren’t composite?

      • “Actually, Spidey, Ms Marvel, Wolverine, and Dr Strange could all take on Godzilla 1 on 1.”

        Are you high?!?
        Spiderman can’t even defend himself from this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIRFsx-wXis
        Saying he can beat Godzilla is just stupid.
        Wolverine can’t do it either, his claws may be able to piece Godzilla’s skin due to it being Adamantium but that’s not a big deal cause Godzilla regenerates everything he claws at AND those claws are far to small to cause any real damage anyway.
        Dr. Strange can use his illusions to confuse Godzilla but he can’t actually beat him, no way.
        From what I’ve seen Ms. Marvel do, it’s not bad but not something that ranks above Godzilla, she can’t do it either.

        By your theory, everyone can beat everyone if they are composite characters… that is just dumb. Wasp, even as a composite, couldn’t even dream of beating Goku. One Ki-shock in every direction and Wasp is KO. This is why composite fights aren’t always good, they tend to make a person believe that everyone can beat everyone eventually.
        There is no realism in your fights… at all!

      • Spidey couldn’t dodge thanks to plot hax. With his broken Spidey sense he could dodge all of Godzilla’s attacks for an infinite amount of time. It’s impossible for Godzilla to hit him.

        Wolverine has the Phoenix Force 😎

        Dr Strange can just spam magic blasts at Godzilla all day.

        Ms Marvel can beam/punch spam while speedblitzing Godzilla.

        Wasp became all powerful and stuff 😛 Don’t worry she still can’t beat Goku since allpowerfulness doesn’t count for beans on the blog.

        I always use realism 😎

  2. Godzilla stomps.
    especially if he used that spiral ray he used to vaporize Keizer Ghidorah on Venom, and he can’t dodge that. Keizer Ghidorah is a 100,000 ton hydra who got hurled flying into the air, then vaporized. lets see Venom dodge that.
    and lets see him survive if Godzilla gets up close and personal, he would get clawed into his death. and Godzilla can regenerate every last thing thrown at him.

    • Well, Venom’s composite so he has guys like Thor, Hulk, and Ms Marvel. In his Ms Marvel form he could fly around Godzilla the whole time spamming energy attacks. I don’t think Godzilla could land a shot in at those speeds. If he does land the hit I think Venom still has a decent shot at tanking it since Ms Marvel can tank hits from guys like Hulk

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