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Gemini Saga vs Virgo Shaka

This is a pretty close match! Both of their powers are pretty similar and they’re both pretty tough. After a tough fight I’m giving the match to Virgo Shaka. He seems to be tougher and has more aura at his disposal. Not too mention that he has the 8th sense which Gemini Saga does not. Virgo Shaka wins.

18 thoughts on “Gemini Saga vs Virgo Shaka”

  1. Well a few things.
    Virgo Shaka has limited Cosmos and can’t burn them as fast as he wants, and when he dies he doesnt come back at all.
    Gemini beat Virgo many times in the Series. so i dont understand why he wins.
    The 7th Sense is thousands of times greater then the 8th sense.
    The 8th sense lets you detect the opponents energy, in cost of alot of Cosmos.
    the 7th sense takes little to no cosmos.
    Gemini Saga can instantly regenerate. Virgo cannot even regenerate.
    so i ask you to please over turn this match. that is like saying death loses against Super Death. it’s just not right.

    1. Hey, hope you’ve been having a Happy B Day 🙂 The day’s special is about over, but it’s been cool.

      Well according to the wiki Shaka is better with the Cosmos.

      …..Gemini beat Virgo eh?….not what I heard

      8th sense is supposed to be better than the 7th sense

      I still haven’t found anywhere that says Gemini Saga can heal

      Virgo Shaka sounds a lot stronger in many ways, but once I read the manga that will probably affect the outcome 🙂

  2. did you even see the video i sent you? Virgo was too awestruck to move, at Gemini’s power. lol no see this is what happens.
    When a Golden Saint Dies while posessing the ability to access the 7th sense, he becomes a ghost- like, zombie-like being, (not really that weak, but they are just half alive)
    and it is then that they gain the 8th sense.
    So Gemini possesses the 8th sense also, and Virgo Shaka possesses the 7th sense, he just doesnt know how to use it, and he has never used it. so it doesnt count.
    When Gemini was sent to hell he was able to use the 8th sense to gain Satan’s trust, while still remaining a secret Golden Saint for Athena. He went and told Athena Satans plans. she then killed herself, and was resurrected by the Golden Saints.
    So what do you think now?? 🙂 here lemme show you where i got this info. its in the same link.
    the soul of a deceased person has not Seventh Sense anymore, because he/she has not any life left, but he/she has Eighth Sense instead.

    1. According to the wiki only Virgo was able to unlock the 8th sense.

      Remember, since it’s composite Virgo gets the 8th sense, but also his old 7th sense. Plus since his eyes are always closed when he opens them his power jumps up drastically!!

      Plus that fight with Virgo and Gemini was supposedly rigged. Virgo let him win because he wanted to go to hell. Isn’t that right? I’ve been googling a lot of Saga vs Shaka threads and that was one of their big points. Plus in the end they went with Shaka I believe.

      Shaka just seems like a better fighter for now. Have you seen today’s other fights? Remember in a way all of today’s fights are your fights since to celebrate your birthday the 6 characters you mentioned fight in each round! Pretty cool eh? I did around 20, which is pretty cool.

      Yeah, that link has a lot of info on the senses, I should probably read more of it 🙂

  3. i still cant believe the result of this match.
    base form, Virgo is maybe 9/10ths of what Gemini has. the only problem is, Virgo has a limited amount of Cosmos as his disposal. Gemini Saga has Infinite. Virgo Shaka was the only one to obtain the 8th sense because he was the only one weak enough to die. if any Golden Saint were to die, they would gain the 8th sense and come back.
    honestly i still think Gemini would win. even tho Virgo Shaka has a better appearance

    1. Well, it’s certainly a close fight! Still, Virgo seems to have more senses than Gemini which could be a decent edge. Of course once I read the manga, things can get interesting! 😛

    1. They’re both from Saint Seiya. Think of them as DBZ styled character before DBZ even existed. They were really strong for their time and they can actually go toe to toe with just about anyone.

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