One Above All vs Space Godzilla

The One Above All is back, but I’m afraid it’s not for a quick win! Space Godzilla is just far too powerful and can take down nearly any opponent in his way! That’s just how he rolls. Space Godzilla can fire one of his impressive lasers and that will be the end of the One Above All. Space Godzilla wins.

20 thoughts on “One Above All vs Space Godzilla

  1. I see. I personally think that’s utterly ridiculous. Creating everything and empowering the Living Tribunal aren’t solid-enough feats? And where is it shown that Bass can get any ability ever? Why do you think he’s invincible? I just don’t understand.

    • Well to see why he’s so invincible you’ll really need to read the manga. This is his first appearence

      He’s already much faster than light and basically unstoppable. Since then he got much stronger and I have yet to see the being who can defeat him. For Bass he shows that he can get an ability in both the games and the manga. The games possibly as well, but I’m not positive.

      Well, Creation and Reality Warping are 2 powers that are virtually invalid on the blog. To an extent they may help, but not much. Most feats like that just don’t work. Like, I don’t believe someone can blink and his opponent is dead. It’s a cop-out to the fight so I take them out. That’s also why I limit Time Stop and Time Travelling. They take away from the fight

  2. Why is reality warping invalid? It works basically like magic. If you don’t want characters to blink others out of existence, why don’t you just leave them off the blog? Like when you say “I don’t believe someone can blink and his opponent is dead.” Well, what if they can do that? It’s unfair to remove all that power just because it makes the fight less entertaining. All these fights with The One Above All aren’t really him because you are taking away all his power. It’s some other non-existent character, not The One Above All. Those are my thoughts, and I think if you did something about it and made the fights more fair and even, you’d get better responses and recognition with time. But anyway, I’ll leave you alone now.

    • Well, because I simply don’t believe in those powers. I can believe Superman going so fast that he destroys someone before they can see him. But I don’t believe in random gods blinking and everyone dies. Like in Star Trek, that big head who tried blowing everyone up, but Kirk kept dodging him. Not the best example, but if that guy were really a god how could he not hit a human who can’t run that well?

      Each character still gets their tangible feats and all, but no feats that were just mentioned. Plus some powers just don’t work. Reality Warping still isn’t entirely invalid, it really depends on the type. But like Franklin Richards destroying everything with a thought….that type of stuff doesn’t work on the blog

  3. One Above All is omnipotent, you say?
    SpaceGodzilla could rather easily be a God.
    lets just give him 2,000 whole universes to have fun plaguing, and One Above All is dead by insta-contact.

    • True, Space G would beat him pretty easily then. Of course even without that, one punch should take out the One Above All. He’s omnipotent, but no feats so Arthur could give him a run for his money 😮

  4. The One Above All gets pwned hard there. Why?
    1 – Omnipotence is a logical fallacy. Would it be able to create a rock so heavy, even him couldn’t lift? I don’t think so.
    2 – IT wouldn’t even be able to win fights against other people of said level. Most individuals say that it would be a stalement. So, it can’t even win a certain kind of fight if it wants too? The best it can be is nigh-omnipotent.
    3 – It has no feats/not enough feats. Until it does better it’s one of the most weak characters out there.
    4 – Some say it’s comparable to the author of the comics. Oh well. There are easily 2 (maybe even more) characters who can win against it if that’s the case. A.K.A: Popeye with spinach (broke the 4th wall and beat his author for erasing him) and Yuriko (shouts disappear and makes her manga author either invisible or non-existent), going by feats and powerscale, these two and probably more I still don’t know are above it.
    5 – Individuals saying his name is proof of his power. So, if someone names a character “The One Above The One Above All” this will mean it/s/he is more powerful than The One Above All? People analysing it by it’s name and saying it’s the most powerful character in fiction without the slighest knowledge in literature (have these guys even read all fiction to know that?), really.
    Conclusion: The Space Godzilla wins and The One Above All gets EXPOSED, factual.

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