Spongebob vs One Above All

The One Above All is back, but he’s fighting SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! One Above All is good, but he’s not quite ready for Spongebob just yet. Spongebob knows how to take a hit and he’s probably better at hand to hand combat. The One Above All is simply too old to really know how to fight. Spongebob wins.


14 thoughts on “Spongebob vs One Above All

  1. Bob is insanely small compared to Stan. I don’t think he could do anything. He’s just a sponge to him. I think The One Above All would win this one.

  2. Whenever a human is in that show, Spongebob becomes a regular sponge. I think that Stan, could just like, put him into a oven, or swallow him whole, or use Spongebob to wash his dishes.

  3. not really when he can control time and space, and has a body made up of cosmic energy that can be produced anywhere at any given time, giving him a spee teleportation advantage.

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