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Teridax vs Ash

Teridax has a lot of powers at his disposal, but in the end it won’t be enough to stop Ash. Ash has many Pokemon and they win with sheer numbers. Pikachu is ultimately fast while Sceptile has his deadly hand to hand skills. Teridax will do a lot of damage, but I don’t think he can take them all down. Ash wins.

22 thoughts on “Teridax vs Ash”

  1. With Teridax’s abilities, none of Ash’s Pokémon stand a chance. And with all of them at once, he could use his anger powers to turn them against one another. Are you sure about your decision?

    1. Teridax is definitely extremely impressive, but I’m not sure if he could take them all out. I’m not sure his anger powers could override the bonds that the Pokeball bonds the Pokemon too. Or the deep rooted friendship they have with Ash. Pikachu’s speed is legendary and even if Teridax can tank his hits for a while, they will weaken him for the other pokemon to start slamming into him.

      1. Well, Kurahk turned the Toa Nuva against each other, their friendship would rival that of Ash’s Pokémon, and all Rahkshi have lesser versions of a Makuta’s powers. Plus Pikachu isn’t even that fast, his Slowing and Dodging powers make him incredibly difficult for Pikachu and co to hit him, he’s near-invulnerable to physical attacks, and his other powers allow him to supereffectively hit Ash’s Pokémon (chain lightning to take out Squirtle, Totodile, Lapras, Noctowl, Swellow, Kingler, Oshawott, Charizard, Unfezant, Corphish, Buisel and Staraptor, Tornados for Sceptile, Bulbasaur, Torterra, Primeape, Heracross, Snivy, Leavanny, Scraggy, Infernape, Pignite, Riolu and Bayleef, Fragmentation for Krookodile, Boldore and Glalie, Plant Control for Gible, Donphan and Palpitoad, and Fragmentation through the ground for Pikachu, Torkoal, Muk and Quilava. Snorlax and Ash’s many Tauros would be taken down in the crossfire.

        Not to mention instant adaptation, Elastic powers, Fear, resistance to Heat and Cold, Illusions (potent enough to make ANOTHER MAKUTA believe he was a two-dimensional drawing for 10,000 years), Mind Reading, Poison, Power screaming, teleportation, sleep… do they even have a hope?

      2. True, but it’s Friendship plus the Pokeball bond. (Whenever a pokemon is caught in a pokeball they are compelled to listen to their owner) Pikachu is very fast! I’d place him on Flash level in terms of speed.

        :30 is where he uses Quick Attack. Not the best scene to show how fast he’s moving, but it was the best I had on hand. He mostly used it back in Kanto.

        Well, the lightning has to hit them to take them out. Likewise with the other attacks. If they hit, things could be dicey, but it’s a big If. I think with their speed they can dodge most of those attacks for a while.

        I think he’ll be able to take down most of them in the end, but Sceptile, Charizard, and Pikachu will be the biggest threats. Pikachu’s Iron Tail and Volt Tackle are incredibly dangerous and one hit from Sceptile can cause massive damage! The others can also help whittle down Teridax’s HP and Ash can fight a bit as well. He can spam Pokeballs at Teridax. They don’t do massive amounts of damage, but they zap when they hit opponents. So each zap may do some damage to Teridax.

        I’d say they have a decent shot 🙂 Ash’s team is actually even stronger now because just the other day his Crocodile pokemon evolved

      3. Pikachu is kind of fast I guess, but there are plenty of faster Pokémon. (plus in the clip he was using Quick Attack. It’s all in the name there). Ash’s Pikachu seems to be some kind of special Pikachu (it must have a Light Ball we don’t know about, it would explain how he’s able to use Volt Tackle as well)

        As for hitting them, look again at Teridax’s power list. First one you’ll see there is Accuracy. Teridax can’t miss!

        And as for the Pokéball bond, it can’t be that strong, Charizard was able to disobey Ash all the time as Charmeleon and early on as Charizard. He wouldn’t fight the Fossil Pokémon, he attacked Paras full-on when Ash wanted him to let Paras beat him, he didn’t fight Blaine’s Magmar until he saw it in action and decided for himself that he was going to fight him… I could go on

        As Ash himself, well Ash may be able to throw Pokéballs, but what good will that do? The red lightningy-looking beams just recall Pokémon into them, they don’t do any real damage. And the reverse is also true – Teridax could just aim the Chain Lightning at Ash himself, and short of throwing themselves in the way, there’s not much his Pokémon could do nor any real way he could survive it.

        Sceptile and Pikachu have some good moves, but they’d never get to hit him because of his evasiveness and slowing powers. Plus if they catch his gaze he can freeze them entirely with his Stasis field, and his Heat Vision or Vacuum powers would definitely knock out if not significantly damage Sceptile

        I did know about Krokorok, but the Plant Control would get him, wouldn’t it?

        Also, he could create Kraata and use them to take over any of Ash’s defeated Pokémon, so as Ash’s Pokémon get knocked out it would become more and more hopeless for him

      4. Aside from maybe Deoxys I’ve always considered Pikachu as possibly being the fastest. I’ve never seen any other match his speed feats.

        Well, Teridax can’t miss, but they can dodge. Like that guy in Yuyuhakusho whose power is that whatever he throws can’t miss. Yusuke just dodged for a while until Hiei offed the poor guy.

        Well, yeah they can still disobey him, but I think they can’t totally try to destroy him or leave. It’s definitely not the best bond, but it still helps.

        Well, it’s been shown that if the pokeball is used on something that isn’t a pokemon, the opponent will be zapped by that red light that comes out. It was enough to do some damage to a Team Rocket member, so it may affect Teridax albeit slightly.

        Though, that is one thing. If Teridax beats Ash, the rest of his Pokemon don’t count. Because this is Ash’s match after all, so if Teridax does succeed in beating him the match is over. Still, that’s a tough thing to do. The lightning will be tough, but thanks to Ash’s rubber gloves he is able to block it as long as he can react in time.

        Well, Sceptile has his second wind where his aura gets a lot more intense and his speed/power increase drastically. Pikachu already has his speed advantage so I think they can overcome the dodge/slow. Plus some characters like Bulbasaur have really big Solar Beams that will probably do some heavy damage.

        I don’t think the plants will be fast or strong enough to stop him. He’s a pretty decent fighter.

        Yeah, they’d definitely need to limit their losses before things got ugly. Of course Ash could also quickly return them to his pokeball when they lose before they become infected

  2. We get a lot of examples of Pikachu being fast in the series because he uses a lot of speed moves in the series, and he’s the only one who recurrs in all of them. There are a fair few pokémon that far outspeed him. Of course Ash’s Pikachu seems to be unusual in some way, he’s stronger than a Pikachu should be

    You can’t block lightning with rubber gloves. It’s like when Yusuke seemingly tries to block Suzaku’s lightning with his rubber shoes. The shoes got disintegrated in an instant, he only blocked it because he was preparing a spirit block and the shoes were only a bluff. In the same way, Ash’s gloves would be destroyed and he would be disintegrated. And even if they weren’t, he could use heat vision or a spike of pure dark energy or magnetism or nearly any of his other powers to take Ash down. Sceptile’s no pushover (not sure what this “second wind” thing is though), but he’d be no match, his (and most of the other Pokémon’s) moves would do very little to Teridax’s solid Protodermis armour, and he has at least four abilities (Poison, Vacuum, Cyclones and Heat Vision) that would do massive damage to Sceptile in particular.

    Also, Teridax can read minds. If he knows where Ash’s Pokémon will dodge to his accuracy should do the rest.

    1. Yeah, with all of the experience that Pikachu has he should be well over lv 100 by now. Of course they keep rebooting everything so it’s tough.

      But Team Rocket and Ash have both used it in the past to block Pikachu’s attacks. With them on, not even his strongest zaps would work.

      Around like 2:37

      Is where Sceptile and Blaziken use their power up abilities. They help make themselved stronger and faster.

      Well the mind reading will be tough for him since they’re all thinking different things. At worst it could overload his mind and cause him to be distracted.

      Well, Ash is pretty fast on his feet and with all of his caps and Pokeballs he can take a hit. Of course if Teridax gets near or land a good blow it’ll all be over. Still, I think Charizard can help keep him safe.

      Well, Vaccum and Cyclone may not do too well against Sceptile in that it probably needs to really hit him to do some damage. Sceptile can probably dodge. The heat Vision is tough, but landing a hit will also be tough. Even if he does eventually land the hit, the other Pokemon will have gotten him from behind.

      Also, all of the Tauros charging at Teridax at once could present a problem for him

      1. The mind reading would be awkward if all the Pokémon just thought up their own plans, but Ash is the one commanding them, all he has to do is read Ash’s mind and he gets the plans for all of them. He wouldn’t let on that his ability to dodge their attacks was aided by reading Ash’s mind either.

        Rubber gloves wouldn’t save you from real-life lighning, it probably only protects against his weaker electric attacks and not Teridax’s lightning. Besides, with Teridax’s accuracy he could just not aim at his hands. If he uses the chain lightning, he could aim it at Ash and even if Charizard (who, might I add, doesn’t take well to electricity) were to block the attack for him, the electricity would leap from Charizard to Ash.
        As ground types, Torterra, Palpitoad or Krokorok could maybe block the attack and absorb the whole thing without any travelling to another Pokémon or Ash himself, but Teridax could defeat them with Plant Control (or Heat Vision in the case of Torterra) first, then continue to blast at Ash with Chain Lightning.

        It could. However, Teridax has at least five ways to deal with a Tauros stampede:
        1. Aim his Chain Lightning at the lead Tauros and it would spread throughout the group. Enough bolts could take the whole group down.
        2. Use his Fear powers on the front row so they try to back up, and the others crash into them from behind
        3. Use Fragmentation to blow up the ground below them so they all trip
        4. Summon an enormous cyclone to hit them all
        5. Drop a large metal object in their path with his magnetism for them all to crash into

      2. Well usually Ash does make the commands, but only when he is fighting with 1-2 pokemon at a time. With them all running around, they’ll probably be fighting as best they can. Plus in the anime he tells them to dodge and stuff, but they really (hopefully) know to do that already. Ash would probably just be telling them which attacks to use when he can, but again; only to a couple of pokemon. The rest would already be doing their own thing.

        I’m not sure how effective the Plant Control would be. If it makes plants appear, they could just blast/slash their way out and keep on fighting. If the Heat Vision lands that would be tough. They could attempt to block it with their other attacks though.

        The chain lightning would be tough, since one hit could basically take down Ash depending on how tough it is. Maybe 2-3 hits, but still not much. Still, if Ash is wearing the rubber it will minimize damage. Of course while Teridax is trying to hit Ash, he’d be wide open for attack from the others. Also I believe Pikachu can absorb thunder to an extent and can try to take it for Ash.

        True, but if all of them fire Hyper Beams at Teridax it could potentially take him out before he uses those attacks. In fact, if all of Ash’s pokemon fired their ultimate attacks at once Teridax may be destroyed. It would be tough to dodge all of them

      3. I guess you have a point about the mind reading, but even so, he should be able to read several minds at once. Probably not to the level of being able to read all Ash’s Pokémon at once, but still

        Plant control allows Teridax to create, grow and control plants. It would specifically be good against Palpitoad and Krokorok because they’re weak to grass. Double in the case of Palpitoad, but that’s his only type weakness. Of course against other Pokémon he’d probably be better off using Heat Vision, Chain Lightning or Shadow powers. I’d say one bolt of chain lightning would be enough to kill a mere human.

        Tauros isn’t all that good with beams. In fact, even a beam like Hyper Beam will do very little when fired by Tauros, they’re far, far better at physical attacks. With his physical near-indestructability, near-instant regeneration, Protodermis armour and heat and cold resistance, Teridax can stand up to a lot of damage. Plus he could use Illusions to make them fire at thin air, Ash or each other.

      4. But I don’t see how the plants would work. It’s like when Poison Ivy makes a lot of plants. Supergirl just punches through them and Superman leaps over them. The actual grass won’t beat them because they walk through forests all the time.

        Well, most humans would die easily, but Ash has tanked several Pokemon attacks in the past. He even fought against Lucario in pure hand to hand combat.

        Still, with well over 50 pokemon firing beams at once Teridax may not be able to endure it. The illusions part could definitely buy him a lot of time. Though they’d see him before he used it, so they’d probably still fire in his direction. He may escape with only minor injuries, but it would probably disrupt the illusion.

      5. Since he has control of the plants, he could cause them to grow vines that would lash out at the Pokémon, engulf them with roots, cause them to release noxious spores or other such things. It’s kind of like Kurama. I wasn’t suggesting the mere presence of plants defeats grass-weak Pokémon, that would be silly.

        Most Pokémon attacks are meant to be non-lethal, as they’re only trying to defeat each oter rather than killing them. Teridax doesn’t have such concerns.

        With his illusions, it would be near-impossible to know where he is. For example, he could teleport behind Ash hidden behind an illusion, whilst creating another illusion that he’s still standing there

      6. Well, that definitely makes them tougher, but I still don’t see how they could work. They could just use one of their attacks to break the roots and vines. The spores would be a bit tougher so that could be a challenge.

        Well in this fight they’re going all out. Yeah, illusions are definitely a tricky buisness. They are his biggest weapon to be sure. It’d be tough to counter all right

  3. I mostly mentioned the lethality of general Pokémon attacks vs Teridax’s abilities to suggest that despite surviving Pokémon attacks in the past, Ash probably wouldn’t survive Teridax’s Chain Lightning, Heat Vision or Shadow powers.

    Indeed, the illusions certainly would give Teridax an edge.

    1. Yeah, some like Pikachu definitely held back when they hurt Ash, but I’m sure that the wild ones were trying their best. If only I could think of some more examples 😐

      Yeah, it’s by no means an easy fight for either side with all of these variables. BTW when are you uploading your next fight?

      1. True, but Ash is a spur of the moment guy. So, when he thinks something, he does it right away. Teridax will have some advanced warning, but not by much

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