Accelerator vs One Above All

The One Above All is one of those guys that you don’t want to mess with! Just by waving his hand he can destroy you…right? Actually, Accelerator would be the one pwning in this round! One punch should be enough to take down The One Above All! Maybe he’ll be back someday. Accelerator wins.

36 thoughts on “Accelerator vs One Above All

      • Omnipotence, omnipresent, omniscient, if you allow toaa to have his omnipotence in this he wins if not he still wins he’s the writer of marvel and if you want he will try and shut down “certain magical index” anime.

      • You do realize TOAA is a writer of marvel which is in default considered “omnipotent”, “omnipresent”,”omniscient”. And even if you don’t allow him to have that he still wins real life > fictional characters I could pit you against Galactus or living tribunal and you would still stomp them both by burning there comics.

      • If you’re a writer and you’re a real life guy who created a fictional universe by using a PC monitor and a pencil? That’s enough to scream “omnipotence” which is “above all” meaning feats won’t matter if you’re a true unbeatable god with unlimited everything fictional wise so feats won’t matter this would have been better if you pit him against a weakened Galactus while giving accelerator the knowledge of cosmic energy which gives him a superb chance of winning granted the majority still goes to Galactus anyways I appreciate seeing accelerator stomp some OP characters but omnipotence is FAAR out of his leauge , that’s all I have to say.

      • Nah, I may have created the universe, but the characters would still have more powers than me since I’d just be human. Galactus is strong and I can agree that he packs a punch. Still, Accelerator would definitely have the edge.

  1. Hi! So if seen this BLOG and I have to say no! TOAA is omnipotent which his name suggest “ABOVE-ALL” all he needs is a wave of a hand to finish any fight, now if you’re asking for feats? Even if one doesn’t not have feats if they are omnipotent and are literally a representation of the writer? Then feats are completely useless since you’re basically never meant to lose and will remain so until marvel is completely forgotten.

      • Yes that is quite true also answering you’re reply to anonymous, omnipotence I’d meant to NEVER be beaten if an omnipotent character loses he is not omnipotent but TOAA has been proven as such which means he is an automatic “start all, end all” switch omnipotent fictional characters can only be stalemated if any other anime has beaten an omnipotent character then its blasphemy you could argue that bugs bunny has beaten omnipotent characters before but…. Bugs bunny wouldn’t do that if there weren’t writers there now would he? And accelerator is no different he will lose and that’s it unless you’re gonna pull a suggsverse which would automatically make you by default lose a debate, if you want yo know who he can beat in marvel high nigh-omnipotent tier characters it will be a weakened galactus if accelerator is given the knowledge of cosmic energy, healthy Galactus same thing but way more harder, and heck I’ll say it living tribunal the one who is second to the mighty one above all granted if LB is holding back and weakened a bit, anyways like the rest of the people said, do not pit omnipotent characters against at best multi a continental buster to small planet buster tier’s cause it will end with a slaughter in the omnipotent side favor.

      • Omnipotents aren’t that strong though. Trust me, Accelerator can handle TOAA easily. They can’t just win instantly with their unlimited power and that’s their weakness. Since TOAA can’t just make Accelerator disappear, he’ll have to try engaging in fisticuffs and he simply isn’t as experienced or as quick as Accelerator. It makes for a losing battle!

  2. I think I just miss-interperated you’re comment on anonymous, if I did ignore my other comment. Sorry for wasting you’re time.

      • Kk, Anyways to answer you’re comment again, yes TOAA can cause favored writer characters exist out of the fictional space/time and exist on a different plane of existence even accelerator simply can’t do it he can’t exist out of the reality and rules of both anime and fiction TOAA is a creator he is not meant to be touched nor harmed he the god of an entire megaverse larger then even DC universe’s omnipotent character the presence, accelerator at best could destroy an entire small planet but even then he has a vector to counter any attack if he understands it, but countering an Omnipotents attack is not possible if you read the marvels comic where thanos gains the HOTU aka heart of the universe, that was simply just a semblance of his power which thanos used to destroy both reality, space, time, existence, thanks even became spiderman who swings between building to building, he was zeus the lead god of the Greek mythology, he was Thor of the Norse mythology meaning he became EVERYTHING, if we don’t add his omnipotence it can still be considered TOAA’s win, Omnipotents don’t really need to fight all they need is watch and decide ones fate, accelerator is bound to this, if you’re asking well toaa doesn’t act so how does he beat accelerator? How about our very own real life god? He doesn’t act he let’s things happen and decide our fate at the very very end of our lives and TOAA is acctually based on that they put a judeo-cristian like god in fiction where he is never meant to lose, he is never meant to be harmed, he is the judge and the jury, if accelerator was somehow placed inside the higher realm of existence where other omnipotent supreme beings dwell, TOAA can simply summon living tribunal and before accelerator even has a chance to attack, its been judged, its been passed, he is marked for death, his very fabric of existence gone as if a child stomped on a small growing flower, this is the fate of those who meets Omnipotents beings who are not bound to any rules of fiction, just like the judeo-christian god and other religious gods deity, and writers, creators, readers alike understands this, also you might say but accelerator is not apart of marvel, if you put an anime character in a comic book inside a place where TOAA is, he is now bound to its rules too unless you take him away that’s all I’ve got to say, please understand that accelerator is not going to win he has human limits granted he does have the mind of a supercomputer, he is still a human at the very end and humans with amazing powers that could rival nigh-omni’s still cannot match those with no limits whatsoever.

      • I definitely gotta go with Accelerator on this one. As you said, TOAA isn’t meant to lose since he’s a cosmic being and all, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t lose right? It’s all in the system and once you break past it, TOAA’s weaknesses are exposed. Look, I like TOAA as much as the next guy, but he lacks the skills to pay the bills. His reality warping/omnipotence won’t work against Accelerator. Accelerator has super speed and a whole lot of raw attack power. A single shot would make TOAA dizzy or even take him down for the count. The gap in their abilities is simply too large. It’s like grabbing a Ham and Cheese sandwich right? It’s meant to be eaten and by all accounts it would be stronger than a piece of ham. However, if the Ham was sentient then it would win. That’s how I see the One Above All. He was born into great status and never had to work for it. He just soaked in all of the benefits for years and years without ever learning how to fight. Now it’s finally coming back to bite him!

  3. If you want a better example of one-above-alls power to accelerator, read the marvel comic where thanks gains the heart of the universe [HOTU] and see what he did to everyone, and that’s not only one-above-alls demonstration of power, he created something that could destroy existence,reality,time,the meaning of life and death, plunge the entire multiverse to nothing a pure black void and what did he do?, thanos referenced TOAA by saying “there’s an outside force playing into this”, thanos realized he was tricked, TOAA wanted that to happen and what else did he do?, he wrote, and and used mistress death to trick him and made thanks remove his very
    existence as if he wasn’t there to begin with, that is TOAA’s power and that doesn’t even come close to his full power cause there simply.. Isn’t, he is like anime saitama who is presumbe to have gained unlimited steength with no 100% power or any of that, once you pit TOAA against accelerator, TOAA from real life will write, write an outcome of him winning without even the need of him to act, once accelerator is in his universe or any universe in fact which isn’t TOAA’s?, accelerator is still bound to his rules, TOAA will play him like a fool just like thanos was, how will he trick him?, thanos is like accelerator, unstable, viral, dangerous, an bloodthirsty, relentless and brutal, and that’s exactly what TOAA needs to end it all without much interference, if TOAA will let accelerator in the realm where the very beings like TOAA dwell, it will be over right where he stands, TOAA will break his fragile mind no matter how tough accelerator tries to resist, there is no resisting a real god, and not a titled god, a real god in fiction, one that cannot be defeated, and even then if the creator of “a certain magical index” anime started writing where TOAA fights accelerator, he has no choice but to make TOAA win, if accelerator wins, the creator of the said anime will be ruined, shuned by his anime fans, and the anime will be swiftly brought to an end where no one will remember it anymore, and that’s the consequence of letting on Omnipotents in debates, no one will beat them, and that’s a fact, if this can’t change you’re opinion then I guess im wasting my time [not to be rude] if you still think accelerator wins then its you’re choice not mine.

  4. Ok I know you won’t change you’re vote but here.

    TOAA’s power.

    Omniarch – Rule all things.
    Omnicompetence – Handle all situations or matters.
    Hypercompetence – Be absolutely skilled in every possible field.
    Omnifarious – Take on any and all existing forms, shapes, varieties, or kinds.
    Omnificence – Create anything and everything from nothing.
    Almighty Object Manifestation – Create artifacts of nigh limitless power.
    Omnireplication – Duplicate anything.
    Omnilingualism – Decipher and speak any language.
    Omnilock – Exist outside of everything.
    Freedom – Be absolute free of any boundaries, even from destiny.
    Omnipresence – Be everywhere in existence at once.
    Omniscience – Know everything and anything.
    Enlightenment – Possess full comprehension of the omniverse.
    Omni-Senses – Possess senses enhanced to omniversal scale.

    That’s omnipotent

    And specifics/examples.


    Complete Arsenal – Have every power.
    Absolute Change – Change anything.
    Absolute Condition – Have the ultimate levels of strength, speed, intellect, etc.
    Absolute Existence – Total control over their own existence.
    Absolute Force Manipulation – Control, create, shape and destroy all forces.
    Absolute Restoration – Restore everything back to their natural state.
    Absolute Will – The power to control/manipulate anything and be totally unstoppable.
    Almighty Magic – The power to use magic that is able to accomplish anything.
    Almighty Law Creation – Create and control the law that is unbreakable and is the Alpha law.
    Almighty Replication – Replicate all powers.
    Almighty Science – Control almighty/omnipotent science.
    Alpha Reality – Rewrite the laws of reality without limit.
    Amortality – The user is beyond life and death.
    Absolute Immortality – Total, absolute immortality.
    Boundary Manipulation – Complete control of all boundaries.
    Causality Manipulation – Complete control of the cause/effect relation.
    Concept Manipulation – Create/manipulate/erase all Concepts.
    Cycle Manipulation – Manipulate the cycles of existence (creation, existence, destruction).
    Definition Manipulation – Manipulate how anything/everything is defined.
    Destruction – Destroy anything and everything.
    Apocalyptic Force Manipulation – Control the final force.
    Existence Manipulation – Manipulate the entirety of existence itself.
    Primordial Force Manipulation – Manipulate the prime force.
    Existential Plane Manipulation – Manipulate all planes of existence.
    Grand Design Construction – Creating, sorting, preserving the universe.
    Logic Manipulation – Control and defy logic without limit and achieve any impossible feat.
    Maximum Quintessential Control – Control infinite amounts of spiritual force.
    Meta Power Manipulation – Create, control and delete powers on an infinite level.
    Meta Ability Creation – Can create whatever power one wants with no limits.
    Power Augmentation – Can increase and amplify special abilities to infinite power-levels.
    Power Immunity – Be immune to any and all external powers and effects.
    Power Link – Manipulate the power link.
    Meta Probability Manipulation – Control all possibilities.
    Metaphysics Manipulation – Control the aspects of metaphysics.
    Metapotence – Do whatever one wishes regardless of justification.
    Nonexistence – Completely erase any kind of existence.
    Omega Reality – Decide the end fate of of all reality.
    Omni-Embodiment – Be embodiment of Everything.
    Omni-Negation – Negate and nullify everything.
    Omnicide – Kill all life at once.
    Omnifabricating – Invent anything with varying capabilities.
    Omniverse Manipulation – Control all universes.
    Origin Manipulation – Manipulate the origin of all that is.
    Paradox Manipulation – Override the laws of reality, logic and common sense.
    Pataphysics Manipulation – Control the aspects of pataphysics.
    Perspective Manipulation – Manipulate the Perspective.
    Perfection (Existential Perfection/Perfection Embodiment) – User is absolutely flawless, perfection itself.
    Physical Godhood – Break and bend all scientific laws and concepts.
    Power Anchoring – User’s powers are immune to all alterations.
    Preservation – Preserve Everything.
    Prime Being – Be the beginning of everything and every species.
    Separation – Separate/Divide Everything.
    Singularity – Absolutely one of a kind.
    Supernatural Manipulation – Control everything supernatural.
    Totality Manipulation – Rule/Control/Preserve/Create/Destroy all Totality.
    Ultimate Invincibility – Be absolutely invincible.
    Unimind – Be one with all minds.
    Unity – Be one with all and be everything.
    Universal Irreversibility – Actions cannot be stopped or reversed.

    TOAA is not born he willed his very being, TOAA is not inexperienced cause he knows everything.
    TOAA is ageless and will never die.
    TOAA exist out of fiction and the absolute laws of said fiction and can and will manipulate it to suit his own needs.

    Now.let me remind you that yes, omnipotence only applies to there very own fiction which you might use to counter me, but most I remind you even then! TOAA is a real, living, walking, human in our world, he will literally throw a chair at his monitor while “a certain magical index” anime is on and win just like that, but since you made this BLOG its you’re choice to allow him to have his powers or not.

    • He’s still a fictional character though and that’s the problem. He’s basically a normal joe who believes that he owns everything. That never bodes well against someone with actual powers.

  5. You’re mistaking suggs to the creator of marvel he is NOT the only one who has said powers there are these characters 3 – 4 of them are real life people.

    And most I remind you he doesn’t believe he owns everything, he follow one certain rule that people from naruto forum, one piece forum, comicvine… Ect agreed on, heck even one above all and the other creators of comic/anime agreed on, omnipotence is only appliable in debates should the one who created the debate allowed it and since I’m guessing you allowed it this and I will say it again will be a slaughter in TOAA’s favor.

    Characters like TOAA include the list of.

    In-Universe Omnipotence

    Azathoth (Cthulhu Mythos)
    Azathoth (Demonbane)
    God (Bruce Almighty/Evan Almighty)
    God (Saints Row)
    The Presence (DC)
    The Nameless One (Dungeons and Dragons: The Animated Series)
    The Monad (Gnosticism)
    Melano (Fault Milestone)
    Godhead Pickle Inspector (Problem Sleuth)
    Trimurti (Hinduism)
    Vishwakarma (Hinduism)
    Mother of Existence (Image Comics)
    Lord of Nightmares/L-sama (Slayers/Lost Universe)
    The-One-Above All (Marvel) [as mentioned]
    The Creators (Megaman NT Warrior)
    God (Monotheism)
    Game Master (Not Lives)
    The Creator (Umineko no Naku Koro ni)
    Thor (The Metaphysics of Perfect Beings)
    Eru Ilúvatar (Tolkienverse)
    God (Valkyrie Crusade)
    U-DO (Xenosaga)
    Akasha (Nasuverse)
    Divine Presence (I/O)

    Unless the the creator of accelerator gave him omnipotence, he will never standard chance.

    • Nah, I’m not mixing them up. It’s just that TOAA is the puppet behind the system. He’s not all powerful…he just believes himself to be and the characters also think that it’s true. That’s the big scam in all of this. He really does think that he is the best and that’s why he is in for a very rude awakening later on. If someone actually fought TOAA, they’d win.

  6. So you’re actually comparing suggs to Stan Lee? [One-Above-All]

    Let me correct you on that.

    This is the moronic-writereous-comoscus [not a real gene of species] AKA the legendary Lionel. C. Suggs.
    And its already proven from one of his removed tweets that he believes he owns all fiction from anime,comic,manga and cartoons and created the suggsverse named after him which includes Omnipotents who could throw one thrillion punches of a femtosecond.

    His fiction was so terrible it did not sell even one book, THATS the guy who believes he owns everything.

    And then this is him Stan Lee aka TOAA

    He wrote the marvel comic book, helped create the avengers,deadpool,fantastic four… Ect movie, and he does NOT believe he owns everything and all fiction why? Cause that will ruin him and he acknowledges that and stays in his own fiction unlike Lionel. C. Suggs. And his work ACCTUALLY sells.

    Please do not compare his personality to that of some certain guy who gets butthurt when his favorite anime/manga no longer wins a debate cause his claims were proven false, it would be much appreciated

  7. Give me a scan/proof that accelerator can break space/time continuum and fought a universal destroyer/buster+ being.

    Give me a proof that shows that accelerator can see through the future, learn all knowledge of existence, and can will his own body out if nothingness.

    Give me a proof that TOAA is cocky and views himself as best.

    Give me a proof that TOAA’s power is fake?.

    If not then you’re trolling me which I will assume so, or worse, you’re going to make a weak counter-arguement which will quickly turn null and void.

    Anyways this debate is over, you believe Accelerator wins but I still believe TOAA wins, bygones to bygones but I need you to answer this.

    How in real life god almighty will accelerator come to our world and harm TOAA?.

    • Let me counter all of that with one simple counter. Give me proof that TOAA can fight. We’ve never even seen him throw a punch which is pretty disgraceful. How can he hope to beat Accelerator if he can’t even fight? TOAA is in the world of fiction and has no abilities, just his wit. Lets face it…he’s not very witty

  8. Congratulation,you just created a stomp match.Accelerator is going to get wrecked just by The one above all’s mere presence

      • You really are stupid.
        Acceleator is just a skinny little worm that can’t even come close to TOAA. Do you seriously think that a poor little worm can win against a creature that isn’t even half a god?
        Even Ben 10 can defeat Accelerator.

      • I dunno about that man, just look at the stats. Accelerator easily beats this guy and it’s not even close. I be trying to tell you guys

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