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Jack Sparrow vs James Bond

Jack Sparrow is back and he’s up against James Bond. In terms of gun wielding, James Bond has the clear advantage. However, I’d give it to Jack Sparrow in close combat thanks to his sword skills. It’s a close match, but Jack Sparrow becoming immortal definitely helps his case. Jack Sparrow wins.

Fanfic version below

Who will win!? (The story is now outdated since the victor was reversed, but it makes for an epic read anyway)

Update! James Bond has enough armaments to survive Jack’s initial gun assault and then counter with his larger armaments such as lasers and rocket launchers. This is game over for Jack Sparrow. James Bond wins.

4 thoughts on “Jack Sparrow vs James Bond”

    1. I don’t. My definition of it is a lot different than how the world views it. It merely gives Jack Sparrow more resistance against attacks. It doesn’t help at all against slicing attacks, but impact hits like bullets will be less effective. Maybe if James Bond kept shooting at him for a while with a machine gun, but Sparrow only needs one bullet to return the favor. Sparrow can definitely be destroyed though

  1. Bond wears bullet proof armor under his clothes. I doubt a primitive pistol would pierce through it. Bond also has several big weapons such as grenades, mines, rocket launchers, even laser guns. He can easily blow jack into a million pieces with all that.

    1. Well, that is a valid point. James Bond certainly does have the armaments needed to fend Sparrow off and the lasers from the video game Agents Under Fire can come in handy. I believe that you’re right and he does beat Jack Sparrow

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