Najimi Ajimu vs Superman

Poor Superman wouldn’t stand a chance in this round! Najimi Ajimu has over a quadrillion skills and Superman can’t hope to match her speed. Superman may look strong..and he is to an extent, but he’s not in Najimi Ajimu’s league. Najimi Ajimu wins her first match and rises up the blog ranks. Najimi Ajimu wins.

10 thoughts on “Najimi Ajimu vs Superman

  1. I would like to see her pull a galaxy of planets by a chain (Superman did this before). Then she can HOPE to rank up with Superman. Her being an old person and having quantity of skills doesn’t equal quality of skills and doesn’t mean she is that strong. Superman is fast enough to fly THROUGH TIME. He is fast enough that in less than a second he can be in over 1000 places. She has not a single chance against the original American superhero. Go look for “Superman respect thread” on google and you will find real images of the comics.

    • Don’t worry, she could do that with ease. Superman’s fast, but she’s much faster. Superman’s a tough guy, don’t get me wrong…in the for the comic world. But when you place him in the world of Shounen Jump then he’s basically doomed

      • Spec Over: Become God skill
        Humor Contrast: Be stronger than the enemy skill
        Infinity Quest: Control the infinite skill
        Time Bunny: Manipulate time skill.
        Lost Password: Turn enemy back to level one skill
        Next Honest: What I say happens skill.
        Weak Pointless: Erase your weaknesses skill
        Present For You: Grant others weaknesses skill
        Everytime Slip Everyday Dream: Travel through time skill
        Metastasis Head To Tail: Take over others’ body skill
        Complete Jungle: Control everything skill
        If you think your superman is strong ,let see how the great super hero of DC can fight again those skill !!

      • Definitely, Superman can’t handle someone with as many powerful abilities as Najimi. She gives new meaning to the word strong!

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