Najimi Ajimu vs Joker

Suggested by iKnowledge Najimi would destroy Joker as soon as the match begins. I have a lot of respect for her character because she is an omnipotent cosmic being like The One Above All but one who actually backs up her tough talk. She is incredibly powerful and has a nice disposition as well. She’d likely just ignore Joker’s insanity and end the fight as soon as she got bored. You need more than jokes to stop her. Najimi Aijimu wins.


Najimi Ajimu vs James Bond

Najimi Ajimu is back and she can definitely beat this agent. James Bond has a gun, but it won’t be enough to defeat Najimi. Najimi has a lot of speed and she could easily overwhelm Bond. James Bond has been losing a lot, but maybe he will manage a comeback soon. Until then, Najimi Ajimu rise up the blog ranks with this victory. Najimi Ajimu wins.

Najimi Ajimu vs Bass

Najimi Ajimu is back, but now it’s time for her to suffer defeat against the blog’s King! Bass is the strongest being in all of media and with a single blow he can unleash some intense damage! Najimi Ajimu just doesn’t stand a chance against that kind of power! Bass has his darkness overload and takes the win. Bass wins.

Najimi Ajimu vs One Above All

The One Above All is back. He’s hardcore and all, but he can’t defeat Najimi Ajimu. Najimi Ajimu has way too many powers at her disposal and her hand to hand skills are much better than his. The One Above All can talk a good game, but he can’t fight that well. Najimi Ajimu wins.

Najimi Ajimu vs Superman

Poor Superman wouldn’t stand a chance in this round! Najimi Ajimu has over a quadrillion skills and Superman can’t hope to match her speed. Superman may look strong..and he is to an extent, but he’s not in Najimi Ajimu’s league. Najimi Ajimu wins her first match and rises up the blog ranks. Najimi Ajimu wins.