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One Above All vs Thor

The One Above All is back, but he won’t be able to take down Thor. Thor has Mjolnir at his side and with one swing he can take the One Above All out of the match! Thor is much stronger than the One Above All and is also faster. This is a quick win for the god of thunder! Thor wins.

47 thoughts on “One Above All vs Thor”

  1. One above all can destroy planets with a wave of his hand and he is also 2000 feet tall thor could bang at him for 100 years before he did any real damage. Besides thor can only make thunder and storms on earth, not space. All One above all would have to do is take mjolnir away, an easy feat for one above all by the way, and destroy thor’s essance. One above all wins hands down. THE BATTLE WOULD END IN LIKE 5 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. He’s never destroyed planets before and I’ve never seen him endure a blow from someone as tough as Thor. He’s never beaten anyone so I think that he would be beaten up pretty quickly

      1. Ha, you clearly know NOTHING about the One Above All. He is Stan Lee himself, and he created the Marvel Universe. The One Above All basically created Thor, and can erase him from existence like so. Thor can do NOTHING in this fight. Ha!

    2. Nice post millennial. The best thing here is Thor is a God, and one created long ago.. OAA is a creation by some stupid prick in 2007 to somehow usurp what has already been done. Not happening chief.

  2. If you know anything about the One Above All, how do you think Thor can beat someone who
    a. Cannot be hurt
    b. Can write Thor out of existence
    c. Created Thor
    d. Is Stan Lee himself, and can alter the Marvel Universe any way he chooses
    This shows your clear lack of understanding about the One Above All.

    1. Trust me, you overrate the One Above All.

      a. Prove it
      b. Prove it
      C. Speculation at best
      D. See above

      The One Above All is all hype and no feats at this point. That is why he always ends up losing. He is meant to be Stan Lee, but it was never proven and it’s only heavily implied to the point where he practically is, but isn’t. It’s a fun homage, but in continuity…he’s only a man who can fly.

      1. He is Stan Lee.

        You ask me to prove it? Ok, prove to me that Stan Lee cannot simply write that Thor loses to him. Try doing that, and you will see how much your logic fails.

      2. That would be true…if he was Stan Lee. He is meant to be Stan Lee, but meant to be and actually being are two very different things. If he was truly Stan Lee, then I would not allow him to be on the blog. That’s why I consider him to be a homage and virtually powerless.

  3. Prove that he isn’t Stan Lee.
    Ok, so let’s say you are right and he isn’t Stan Lee(which is not true). Even if he isn’t, the Living Tribunal said the One Above All is where he got his power. The Living Tribunal is omnipotent, and is a reality warper so he can warp Thor out of reality. If LT can do that and he says that One Above All is his power source, then Thor gets stomped effortlessly. I’m not too sure Thor can get TOAA’s attention though LOL.

    1. Right, but the Living Tribunal’s hype is all that we’ve got to go on. The One Above All may just be able to give away energy instead of being able to use it. He’s still been unable to do anything noteworthy on screen. (I do think Thor can beat the Living Tribunal as well, which makes things a little dicey) I think Thor would do just fine as long as he has his Mighty Mjolnir. ;0

      1. Considering TOAA controls and created the living tribunal you have to be diluded to think thor even stood a chance

  4. LT Cannot be hurt. He surpasses Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, who beat the living hell out of that stupid overrated Thunder God. What part of “warping out of existence” do you not understand? Ok, I think I will have to explain this step by step because your above posts have been completely ignorant of my posts. Warping out of existence means that Thor, nor his puny little mallet, would exist with a single move from the Living Tribunal. I know it’s a hard concept for someone who doesn’t know much about reality warpers to understand(when I was in my newb days, it was tough to understand too =D), but eventually, you’ll get it.

    1. You guys do realize you are arguing over something fictional right? That is so STUPID! I can easily alter the story of the weakest character in Marvel Universe and turn him into the most powerful character.

      Or I could create my own comic character and see how your heroes stand against him. His power is his “word + his mind”. In a battle against Thor or TOAA or whoever it is, he doesn’t even need to lift his fingers. All he needs to do is say something like “die”, “boom” or “go to hell” and your heroes will just vanished.

      If he wants to travel across the universe he would just think of it and he will be at another galaxy in like no time. He can create anything with his word. Planets, galaxies, creatures or whatever, you name it.

      How’s that for a comic character?

  5. Well, if you do so, you will see that the One Above All is a reality warper and can effortlessly warp Thor out of reality. Sadly, I cannot show you scans of reality warping happening since this site does not allow me too, but you can see pictures of reality warping online. Also, Thanos with the Heart of the Universe(TOAA’s power) absorbing The Living Tribunal, Eternity, and Infinity into himself. Any of these beings have the power to stomp all of the Asgardians combined. So, TOAA>Living Tribunal>Eternity=Infinity>>>>>>>>Thor

    1. Right, but those are really meta feats that don’t help a whole lot. Thor is a physical fighter and that gives him a Massive advantage over the One Above All here.

  6. Now that I think about this more, I agree with you. Thor wins this battle. How?

    Thor GOD BLASTS TOAA!!!!!!!!!!!

    No effect
    Then Thor gets really mad, goes on berserker mode, and speed blitzes TOAA many times!!!!

    Still no effect. Now Thor is getting really pissed off and flies into a black hole and takes out the Necro Sword. He proceeds to speedblitz TOAA 100 Times. He pants and looks up to see that his attacks STILL have no effect on TOAA. Thor gets really mad and charges up his hammer, but at this point TOAA has had enough. He says “This fight is pointless and really boring, this idiot Thor cannot even tickle me! I have much better things to do than sit around being bored! HASTA LA VISTA!!!!!” and leave the fight.

    Thor wins via BFR!

    1. I’ll take the win for Thor, but I still think that it’ll be a little more stressful for TOAA then you make it sound. He’s tough, but he’s up against the (wait for it) Mighty Thor!

  7. No offense but Thor cannot do anything in this fight. It might be eons before TOAA gets even tickled by Thor. TOAA might unwittingly leave the fight because he wouldn’t know that Thor was there. Then again he is omnipotent so he would probably know about the fight eons before it even happened and write a different comic at the time the supposed fight was to happen. Actually I did not take TOAA’s omnipotence in consideration when I said TOAA would get bored. He would probably send like 10000000000000000 Galactuses and 1000000000000000000 Pre Retcon Beyonders at Thor so he would not have do deal with Thor himself.

    1. Eh, that wouldn’t be legit since the characters are already established. He can’t call them in for help like Batman couldn’t call in the Justice League. Without that edge…Thor should have this!

      1. That’s true, but the handbook can’t really be objective since it’s from Marvel. The One Above All is a little overhyped if you ask me and I just don’t see him scratching out a win against Thor.

    1. That’s basically all that he can do on the blog at the moment. I’m sure that he’ll get some feats some day, but until then…you can definitely say that he’s been nerfed.

      1. I personally think One Above All wins. I believe all the official statements stating he’s/she’s the most powerful character. Agree to disagree?

  8. The question has to be asked, is this a troll post? No way anyone is stupid enough to think Thor would beat TOAA in a fight!

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