Bass vs Kami Tenchi

Kami Tenchi may have thought that he was unstoppable, but in the end he won’t be able to defeat Bass. Bass is just far too powerful for him and his speed is on a whole other level. Bass will never lose because he’s the strongest being in all of media. You just can’t stop him! Bass wins.

10 thoughts on “Bass vs Kami Tenchi

  1. Here are some options of what might happen:

    A) Bass would explode with such force it would kill off all of creation.

    B) He would go insane and fight all of media and the rest of media would kill him.

    C) Megaman would show up and kick his you know what.

    D) Bass would get so angry he die of heart failure.

    • I choose E. E. Bass destroys everyone all around the media and then talks about it on the Late, Late Night Show as the TV hosts bring him a coffee. “Better make that a double Jim, it’s going to be a long night” Bass will respond as he prepares his opening statement.

      • Nah, I choose F. Bass would kill the rest of media by some miracle and would go on the show “Good Morning America” and talk about his huge conflict with the rest of media. While he sits and talks with the host, Megaman walks in and says “Good morning sir. How would you like to have your body incapitated and then incinerated with my Hubblast and an explosion with a combination of a BFG 9000 I stole from Doomguy?” Bass would then repeat with a cold state and then send Megaman back to Japan with a Dark Arm Blade and then destroy the Omniverse.

      • Sounds good, but we need to add one thing. After the Megaman line Bass yells “Kaching!” as he punches Megaman and then destroys the Omniverse.

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