Sharktopus vs Shark

The Sharktopus is back and with one good slash he should be able to deal some massive damage to the Shark. Sharks are fast and pretty intense, but in the end I don’t think a Shark can beat a Sharktopus. It’s just not in the cards at the moment I’m afraid. Sharktopus wins.

10 thoughts on “Sharktopus vs Shark

      • Then it should be titled ‘Great white shark’ not ‘shark.’ Anyway, the Sharktopus may win depending on how big it is.

      • The Shark defaults to the Great White since it’s the most well known. Switching the name for all of the Shark matches would be a little dicey, but all other Sharks will get their specified names. Sharktopus is decently big and has a lot of tendrils, which helps its attack options.

      • Fair point…he seemed to be bigger than a Great White, but probably not by much. It’s been a while since I saw the trailer, but he’s intimidating, so certainly not very small.

      • See, I’ve been trying to find out his physical stats, but I can’t seem to get any site to let me in on it. One guy said that its size changes throughout the whole film because the CGI was inconsistent, but I’m sure that it wouldn’t be a drastic change.

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