Godzilla vs Hulk

Godzilla is the King of the Monsters and his power is extremely high. He can destroy most opponents with a single hit, but the Hulk isn’t like most opponents. In His World War Hulk form one stomp can destroy a large area so you can imagine what a punch would do. The Hulk keeps getting stronger as he gets angrier and I don’t think Godzilla will be able to stop him in the end. Hulk wins.

18 thoughts on “Godzilla vs Hulk

  1. Agreed, hulk takes this. If hulk’s powers abided by the laws of physics then i would give it to the big G, but lifting a 150 billion ton mountain, push apart two spheres of matter and anti-matter, holding tectonic plates together, overpowering onslaught, bypassing time-space continuum, etc. Puts him even above godzilla, hulk takes this. However godzilla could bfr before hulk gets too strong, but where’s the fun in that ;-).

    • Yeah, the 150 billion ton mountain feat was insane! Plus Hulk wasn’t even in World War or Worldbreaker form, so imagine how much he could lift at that point! Godzilla is incredibly powerful, but he may be physically outmatched here. As for bfr, Godzilla would need a really good hit on Hulk which could be tough, but Hulk could maybe clap himself back to earth šŸ˜›

      • True (good one :-))he he could but godzilla would get bored while waiting and leave, which would pretty much end the fight.

      • Yeah, plus Hulk clapping his way to earth is pretty farfetched. He’s have to clap at the exact direction needed to hit earth or he’d wind up on Mars. Still fun to picture though šŸ˜‰

  2. Also bro, space is a vacuum and as we all know the principle behind a thunderclap is to create a disturbance in the air (which is what sound is) so powerful it has destructive properties, is is a huge disturbance of air. If there is no air , then there is no sound, and if there’s no sound then there’s no thunderclap.

    • True…..but that’s in the real world. Like how you shouldn’t be able to break black holes and stuff, but look at Hulk! Still, the thunderclap definitely shouldn’t work unless they gave us a good explanation. I guess Hulk will need to make sure that he doesn’t get BFRed

  3. Whew! When I saw 8 comments on this I actually thought someone was complaining about this fight! Good thing i’m wrong! Godzilla has his energy blasts, but the Hulk is insanely powerful and if he can endure someone launching a Tzar nuke at him, and then it blowing up while he was holding it, there is no doubt that he could survive a few energy blasts. Yeah, and 150 billion tons!! Wow, that’s strong. This one’s a bit of a no-brainer here.

    • Hulk definitely takes a solid win. I agree that his durability should be enough to keep Godzilla at bay and he can move pretty quickly when he needs too. Godzilla just won’t be able to stop him!

  4. Yeah, and I heard that he can jump 2-3 miles at a time so he wouldn’t need to run as much as jump. When are you going to post the next rankings? I mean, I know the next 1000 posts but when is that? Where are we now?

    • True, his jumps are intense! Well, just 119 posts left until the next records. I do around 5 battles a day, so it should be pretty close. Sometime in the next month or two I’d say

  5. Godzilla wins actually. Hulk will have to get really angry before he can match Godzilla’s strength and he can’t survive an atomic blast. Still, this’ll be a tight match!

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