Liu Kang vs Scorpion (MK)

Liu Kang is back, but now he’s up against Scorpion, who I’d say is one of the strongest Mortal Kombat characters! Not only was he an awesome character in the film, but his abilities are very potent. Like Liu Kang, Scorpion uses a lot of fire abilities. He also has one significant advantage over Liu Kang, which is his ability to teleport. This can shift the outcome of almost any battle and it’s not something that Liu Kang will be able to overcome. Scorpion (MK) wins.

53 thoughts on “Liu Kang vs Scorpion (MK)

  1. Scorpion is by no means the strongest in MK. Liu Kang should and will always defeat him because Liu Kang is the Batman of MK.

    Not to mention Raiden and Shao Khan who are considered MK Gods. They would easily wipe the floor with Scorpion.

    • Well, I did say that he was one of the strongest. I think it would definitely be a good fight against Raiden and Shao Khan. Liu Kang is skilled, but Scorpion’s supernatural abilities give him a bit of an edge in this round.

      • I’m sorry but your whole supernatural abilities on Scorpion are meaningless. Have you played the mortal kombat games because Liu actually beat Scorpion and he had help from Quan Chi.

        Scorpion never beat Liu when he had the chance of fighting him please take the story line into consideration before assuming facts that can be proven wrong.

      • Storyline doesn’t matter to be honest. If u look at feats then the obvious victor between scorpion and liu is Scorpion. Why? Raiden who is stronger than liu has been absolutely obliterated by scorpion in the MKX comics to the point that the cursed dagger’s influence was beaten the stuffing out of raiden. Scorpion has proven that he can go toe to toe with gods and has countless of other feats which make the obvious victor Scorpion, such as in mortal kombat legends where scorpion was able to kill 1000 spawns of the netherrealm before he was even made scorpion by Quan Chi. Scorpion is much more experienced and skilled than liu kang and if u use any feats from MK11 don’t cos everyone knows MK11 had very bad writing. Due to plot yall for real think liu kang is stronger and that isnt the reason. Liu Kang was seen defeating scorpion, but due to plot obviously liu kang won due to him being the protagonist, but trust me without plot armour, scorpion would mop the floor with liu kangs wackass haircut. Liu Kangs fire wouldnt even affect Hanzo (older and much more experienced scorpion) as Hanzo has become more experienced and powerful after the events of MKX. Without powers Liu kang would still lose as Hanzo has mastered all forms of fighting due to all of his experience and skill and even if both of them had powers it would be a whole lot easier for Hanzo. Thus the winner being scorpion.

      • I dunno, Liu Kang has defeated him enough times where it can’t be pure coincidence or anything like that right? Scorpion looks good but never comes out on top

  2. It doesn’t really matter on who would beat who since every character has the potential on beating each other (for example mk9 ladder could be beaten with any character) all that matters is how good you can play your character against someone else’s character

    • That’s true. Except in Super Smash it gets a little interesting. You could be the greatest Pac-Man player in the world, but it won’t be enough if I take out my pocket Cloud. He just shuts the Pacster down.

      • I didn’t agree with u in SUB-ZERO vs liu kang that liu kang can beat SUB-ZERO, but i agree with u here. liu really stands no chance against SCORPION. I hate the game story modes where my all-time fav character SCORPION gets insulted but liu is really nothing infront of SCORPION. But look at the shittiest games they make liu wins. Glad to see that u re right atleast once

      • Hmm, I gotta revisit this match tbh, I’m not sure about Liu Kang losing. I gotta go back in and do some research but I do like Scorpion quite a bit. The guy is always very strong for sure.

  3. For me liu kang is very boring. I dont know why some people like him so much. He even dont have that much fans like SCORPION & SUB-ZERO. Its really disgusting to see him win all the time

  4. U really dont know any shit about Mortal Kombat. Without SCORPION & SUB-ZERO MK is nothing. Try searching for any game or any movie without SCORPION & SUB-ZERO absent in the poster. The old movies dont recieve that much fan favourites just by giving liu kang everything that’s why in MK(2021) they made SCORPION & SUB-ZERO at the 2 main protagonists. But its useless to make u understand, really.

    • Liu Kang is pretty cool though. The man, the myth, the legend. Liu Kang is someone that all fighters will fear and you have to get out of his way or be prepared to take the L. That’s the kind of guy that you can’t really escape in combat. Scorpion and Sub Zero are cool though but the original movies are the best

  5. You watch that freak’s ass all the time. It’s for u not for me. I play or watch MK just because of SCORPION & SUB-ZERO. I dont need ur opinion whose fights to watch. For me liu will always be a freak.

  6. For me SCORPION & SUB-ZERO will always be at the top, my 2 all-time favourites. liu will always be the freak for me. Do it goes into your head now? Or i need to make u understand again.

      • No absolutely not. Like sun cannot rise on the west liu cannot be my fav. My 3rd fav character is GORO, such an amazing character and yet very underrated. But love his moves, his look and his fighting style, he is way cooler than HULK(Marvel), its fun to play as GORO in Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks by using cheats and he really looks awesome and he rocks when u play as him.

      • Goro sounds pretty cool man. I like that kind of super strength and showing the opponent what’s up. Most impressive!

  7. Sorry for a little mistake. Infact SCORPION & SUB-ZERO are both no 1 for me. Both are my equally fav. So GORO is my 2nd pick not 3rd. And yeah if u understand english then dont say again that “liu can be my 3rd fav”. Its not possible. I hate that character, you get me.

    • Oh gotcha, I’m surprised on that one. I guess Kang’s not quite as high for you as I thought. Not even his martial arts could raise him up the list

      • Everyone have diff choice. I hope u understand. Its really weird for me to see a guy returning from USA dont even know what MK is but yet becomes worthy in few days. And liu was not a humble guy he was arrogant. We saw that in the very 1st movie. Even liu’s grandfather told raiend “My lord he is not ready”. Then raiden replied “I know but there is no one else”. Isn’t it a total bullshit? An undisciplined guy who dont have manners but yet becomes a worthy kombatant in few days. But what about SCORPION & SUB-ZERO who have been fighting for 1000 of years and have a lot of experience in both close to close combat and in their mastery over fire and ice. Dont u think that SCORPION or SUB-ZERO should have killed Shao Kahn instead of this spoiled brat “liu kang”. But i think these things will not go into ur poor brain.

      • I think Liu Kang deserved it more. I liked his confidence here and the fact that he surpassed all other fighters within a day is pretty impressive. I like them all of course but Liu Kang’s just really cool. Whenever he starts fighting I end up holding my breath because I don’t want to miss even a single move. “Flying chop!!” Haha, that’s always such a good signature attack you know what I mean? He probably has the best fighting style overall.

  8. Lol u know people like u think what u like is the best for all. U think u re right and all are wrong. Guys like u are not even 1% creative or good in imagining. U just see a character who is the main protagonist or the main hero something like that. If u ask me liu is the worst charcater a poor copy of the legend Bruce lee simply becomes worthy becuse of raiden’s chosen one. But SCORPION & SUB-ZERO hold their own self. They have their own personna, their own look, their unique fughting style and their own identities. We dont like these 2 legends without any reason as u think. So who are u to tell us liu deserve it more than SCORPION & SUB-ZERO. Like what u like? Dont tell others what to like or not. Why people will change their thinking & liking according to ur choice?

    • Liu Kang is just so awesome though. I feel like he’s the most creative character by far. Watch a few of his fights where he goes all in on the combos and it gets absolutely crazy. It’s like this guy was born not just to be a great fighter but to be the ultimate Mortal Kombat fighter! It’s just crazy man

  9. The way u feel about liu the same i feel same playing as SCORPION & SUB-ZERO and by watching them in movies. Who are u to tell me liu deserves it more than SCORPION & SUB-ZERO? That’s ur choice i get it but dont tell me what to like or not. Why should i change my liking according to you?

    • I didn’t say he deserves it more than them or that you should change your liking. I’m saying that I just found Liu Kang to be awesome. One of those guys who keeps on getting up no matter how tough the fight is. I’ve never seen a character with that level of dedication and in a way it scared me. If Liu Kang is this good….then how much better will he be after he has trained some more?

      • Like one cannot make a dog’s tail straight i cannot make u understand how great SCORPION & SUB-ZERO are? No matter as many clues or proofs i give it to you it will not goes into ur mind. So its better we end this here. Bye

      • I understand so I’ll say my goodbyes here as well. It was fun while it lasted and I got to see the true power of the Mortal Kombat fighters. I’ll go and watch some more Liu Kang battles while you check on Sub Zero and Scorpion

  10. Look dude. I really dont care what u think. I have comment in many sites of Mortal Kombat and almost all agreed with me that SCORPION & SUB-ZERO are the best. It really doesn’t if one guy like u dont agree with me. Including me almost all MK fans know that MK will collapse without SCORPION & SUB-ZERO.

  11. i think ur damn eyes cant see that both SCORPION & SUB-ZERO each of them have the highest fans than any other MK character. Its only u who think liu is everything but its not. Just getting wins all the time cannot make a character the best.

    • I feel like Liu Kang has the most fans though. Whenever you mention him to someone online you see everyone cheering and laughing. They just feel good rooting for him and it brings tears to my eyes each time. Lets go get em is what I tell him

      • HA HA u re really pathetic completely blind for liu kang. Its really waste to discuss about MK with u who dont know any shit about SCORPION & SUB-ZERO. This is the last time im revisiting ur site. U re super-boring. BLAH BLAH BLAH

      • Liu Kang’s so cool though. I do want to say that I like Scorpion and Sub Zero though but Liu Kang is just great. I love his close combat skills and everything

      • HA HA what a pathetic due u re completely blind for liu kang. Its really waste to discuss about MK with u as u dont know anything about SCORPION & SUB-ZERO.

      • Liu Kang is really cool though. Whenever he starts fighting I get some chills because I just wasn’t ready for this

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