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Captain Comet vs Superman

Captain Comet is a character who was changed pretty drastically thanks to the New 52. He had an epic meeting with Superman and I think it’s safe to say who came out on top. Captain Comet’s a pretty good fighter thanks to his telekinesis and strength, but he’s definitely not in Superman’s league. Superman is faster than a speeding bullet after all. Superman wins.

6 thoughts on “Captain Comet vs Superman”

  1. WOW……………… didn’t know all that. Comet could be amazing, but all I know is in the new 52 he is God Awful……..!

    1. Yeah, he doesn’t look like a great character there. I’ve only seen him briefly so far and while I like his design, he’s nowhere near as good as he was in the Pre 52.

  2. Comet was one of the first mutants (dc meta human). 12 years b4 the x-men were even created and yes Namor came out in 1939 but it wasn’t until the 90’s that they decided to call him a mutant. Comet could be a super star in DC if they new how to use him. And I also agree, the new 52 version is terrible creative writting.
    He has been altered over the years but with his original power set he would be a match for even the JLA.

    1. He was definitely a powerful fighter back in the day and DC should try to make him likable again. Maybe retcon the New 52 version so that he’s more like the original.

      1. Love this topic. And with that be said, I totally agree the that Captain Comet could be a franchise player, I mean look he`s got: Nightcrawlers: Teleportation~
        Proffessor X: Telepathy, Mind Control~
        Casnddra Webs: Clairvoyance sees future events~
        Batmans : genius IQ, Eidetic Memory, Expert hand to hand~
        Magneto: Matter Alteration~
        Jean Grey: Telekinesis force fields, Psionic blast~
        Also add Vibro sense`s, super strength and stamina!
        But Dc no disrespect you guys have wasted this character with some bad writers!

      2. Absolutely. Captain Comet really seemed like a great character and one that you definitely couldn’t underestimate in a fight. He was impossibly strong and hopefully an author decides to revamp his character and give him another shot someday.

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