Thor vs Shazam

Shazam is definitely a true powerhouse and he’s one of DC’s greatest warriors. He fought Thor in one of Marvel and DC’s big crossover events and Thor took the victory. I don’t think that Thor would win in a rematch because while he is one of Marvel’s strongest fighters out there…Shazam has taken Superman on in the past and is about his equal. I don’t think that Thor can keep up with his speed and Shazam’s power is also basically off the charts. This is one tough battle that Thor will have to lose. Shazam wins.

8 thoughts on “Thor vs Shazam

  1. I feel Thor wins but not easily; he’ll have his face rearranged if anything. No, not because Shazam’s more “toony” and Thor’s more “gritty and realistic.” Thor has Mjolnir along with thoasands of years of experience. Plus, their strength and speed levels I find to be more even since Captain Marvel/Shazam is inferior to Superman. Yes, Thor won in the Marvel vs DC comic but that was dumb writing on the author’s part: the lighting that Billy uses is from Zeus(DC), so Thor can’t depower Shazam with the same effect.

    • Yeah, that fight was pretty dicey to be honest. Shazam’s no Superman, but I find the gap between Superman and Thor to be so drastic and wide that Shazam should still have the edge in a fight.

      • Exactly how drastic? They’re trillion+ tonners so I doubt that a one or even a hundred ton difference will be that decisive. Better yet, give me a comic scan to read.

      • I just consider Shazam to be far faster and also more impressive physically since he’s been able to block Superman on occasion and trade blows with the guy. It’s always still hard to picture Thor doing that.

    • That’s true so let’s replace “just consider” with “just remember that Shazam has gone up against Superman” Thor has as well, but Shazam’s speed and power have always seemed consistently more impressive than Thor’s.

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