Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Review

Unlike Batman, who has a bit of a sketchy track record when it comes to video games, Spiderman has the greatest track record for any superhero. Sure, his portable games may not be the best, but I’m just talking about the big console Spiderman games. Spiderman 2, Ultimate Spiderman, the Original Spiderman…they were all fantastic games. They revoloutionized the super hero genre and showed us that 3D fighters can still have stealth built into them. While I did not play Spiderman 3, Edge of Time, or Amazing Spiderman yet, I have a feeling that they’re pretty good! Time to see if this game could keep the Spiderman reputation!

The Plot for this game was ambitious since it brings together the 4 big Spidermen! We’ve got the Ultimate version of Spiderman, The 2099 Spiderman, Spiderman from the Noir universe, and….the original Spiderman! Right when I heard that the original Spiderman would be back, along with the Ultimate version..I knew that the game would be good. (Yes, the original Spiderman is in all of the games, but he’s still a deal breaker) The big villain of the game is Mysterio (Unfortunately. Marvel went through a phase where he was The villain for Spiderman games) and he has a relic.

See, these relic (Sort of) objects have a lot of power and they’re messing with the universes. Madame Web is able to contact the 4 different Spidermen and tell them to quickly locate the pieces. Unfortunately, it is Spiderman’s fault that it shattered, but how was he to know that it would have such devastating effects? That being said, he should have beaten Mysterio very quickly due to his spider sense. Now that we have the objectives in mind, it’s time to take on the bosses!

The Gameplay is what you would expect from a traditional Spiderman game. In case you haven’t played one of those before, it’s just a 3D fighter. You get to use your web slinging abilities along with quick combos to maximize damage. The gameplay is very fun and definitely something that you can enjoy. There are a lot of attacks in your arsenal and while Spiderman is the most fun to play as, 2099 can get pretty intense at times as well. Noir and Ultimate are fun in their own rights, but they definitely lack the replay value that the first two have. I’ll go more into depth with their gameplay styles later on in the review.

There are also quick time events for the boss battles, but they play out a little differently than most. Instead of using buttons to counter, you’ll usually use the joy sticks to throw punches in first person mode. After playing quick time events like Naruto and Final Fantasy XIII-2, this game doesn’t hold up as well. The quick times just aren’t as fun and you’re really just spamming the attack buttons. That being said, it only happens once a level so it’s definitely not going to hurt your enjoyment of it.

The gameplay for Spiderman is what you would expect. He uses his web abilities a lot and you can tie opponents up. I like to drag them to me in the air and knock them away, only to drag them back up and continue the combo. It’s a nice way to look cool and get those combo ratings up since the combo doesn’t do that much damage. Spiderman is the most fun to play as and while nothing has really changed in his fight style, he’s just too fun to stop playing as him!

Ultimate Spiderman is drastically different from Spiderman and while they both use combos, Ultimate uses his symbiotic abilities to hit his foes. This gives him a longer range and his attacks can be very chaotic. He doesn’t seem as durable as Spiderman, but you can heal some health while playing as him in rage mode. He did get one of the better levels in the game since it’s Deadpool themed.

Spiderman Noir uses a stealth tactic to fight with his opponents. Apparently, he can be destroyed almost instantly in a straight fight. That’s a little disappointing to his fans, but it makes for some fun gameplay. His style of fighting can get old a little sooner than the others, but it can still be fun for a while. You need to stay in the shadows and then quickly take the opponent down in a single hit so that he can’t signal the others. You use the same approach against bosses, but it takes more than one hit. It’s still a unique way to play a Spiderman game, so that is a good reason to try it out. (Not like you’ll have a choice if you plan on completing the game!)

Spiderman 2099 is the futuristic member of the group and his unique feature is that you get to do some pretty cool dives. You move at incredible speeds while dying and it can be easy to get hit by the objects if you aren’t careful. His “Spider Sense” lets you go through the levels a little easier and while you may not actually stop time, it will definitely help. His charge attack is the best since it allows you to teleport, but all characters have a weakspot. His is the fact that his combos aren’t very good so melee attacks can get pretty dicey. I had to retry one of his levels a few times for that reason.

The game has a lot of things that you can do once you complete it. This is good because the game only has around 12 levels and you can beat it within 4-6 hours. I completed the game on Hard mode later on (For the trophies!) and while it is challenging, it is definitely doable. It’s not as insane as some other hard modes can be and it still feels fair. The villains are tougher, but you’ll do fine if you’re used to the gameplay. Aside from completing levels, there are many challenges to complete to fulfill the Web of Destiny. There are a lot of challenges and the toughest ones are definitely the Gold Spider parts. This is one game that I probably won’t be getting a Platinum in, but it was still a lot of fun.

The Graphics for the game can be considered as an acquired taste. It likely won’t sit well with everyone because they went for a comic book look while also making the animation gritty. The first person moments definitely highlight why this doesn’t work. The game’s cinematic cutscenes look great, but we only get a handful of those. The rest of the cutscenes just aren’t really my style. That being said, this is still PS3. While the character animations may not be my favorite in cutscene form, they look good in real time combat. Likewise, the stage backgrounds and the effects all look really good.

Regarding portrayals, the characters looked pretty good. I think that the heroes looked a little too weak since there are many cutscenes where they are knocked out. That would definitely be my gripe since the villains are no match. Each hero got three villains from his universe. Spiderman dealt with Kraven, The Juggernaut, and Sandman. Each of these guys can be considered as a formidable threat (Except Kraven) and their boss battles were fun. Sandman’s had the most gimmicks, so it wasn’t quite as good as Juggernaut’s or Kraven’s boss battles. There isn’t anything wrong with their portrayals.

Ultimate Spiderman had to fight Electro, Deadpool, and Carnage. That’s definitely an all star cast and Carnage’s level was very intense. Electro had a nice setting and Deadpool had the best level in the game. He’s constantly mocking Spiderman and he makes for a really fun (and difficult) boss fight. Deadpool looked amazing and this is probably his best video game appearance. Spiderman Noir fought Vulture, Goblin, and Hammerhead. His villains are definitely the dullest and I can’t root for any of them. I’m assuming that this is how they act in the comics, but none of them are likable characters. Spiderman 2099 fought Scorpion, Doctor Octopus, and Hobgoblin. Naturally, these are the 2099 versions, so they’re a lot different than what you may have expected. Hobgoblin was cool, but the other two are your average villains. There isn’t really anything remarkable about these guys at all.

One improvement that the sequel could make is the story mode. As mentioned earlier, there are only a few cinematic cutscnenes. After you find out what the goal is, the story basically stops. I would have liked a deeper plot in the game. It just wasn’t that engaging and Mysterio can’t be taken seriously. It’s not a bad plot, but it just didn’t go into that much depth. I have heard that the next one has a deeper story, so it seems like they fixed this problem.

Overall, this is a intense and awesome Spiderman game. It features a lot of reasons to keep on playing and playing as the hours go by. This game should last for a decent while and the gameplay is very fun. One thing that may give you pause is the lack of a soundtrack, but it could definitely be worse and I’m hoping that the sequel will correct this. It might not be able to handle some of the older Spiderman games, but it’s still a very good game to buy and I recommend it. Fans of any super hero game that’s come out in the last 10 years should enjoy it and anyone who likes to see some action. I know that a sequel has come out for the game and I have my eye on it. That being said, they also made one based off of the new film which could prove to be interesting. Decisions, decisions. In the end, There’s really no reason not to get this game!

Overall 8/10

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