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Space Dandy vs Lucario

Lucario is a Pokemon with a large array of abilities and one good shot would crush Space Dandy. Space Dandy is just an average mortal who wont be able to land a single hit. Lucario has an intense speed advantage. Lucario wins.

6 thoughts on “Space Dandy vs Lucario”

  1. *Notices how often Space Dandy appears in battle, gasps, and runs to hug family*
    Family: What on earth is wrong with you, Strawberry?!
    Me: *Whispers* They’re coming.
    Family: Who?
    Me: *Still whispering* The Space Dandies.

    So, are you as happy as I am that Lucario has been confirmed for the next Super Smash Bros. game?

    1. Space Dandy definitely appears a lot! 😉

      Definitely, it’s awesome to see Lucario in the game! He’s definitely one of the most fun characters to play as in the game. The roster keeps on getting better and better!

      1. I can’t wait till the game comes out! 😀

        Quick question. Why do some of your posts not show up on my reader? I try to read and like every post you put up, but I keep missing some because they’re not showing up on my reader. 😦

      2. Day 1 purchase! Looks like it’s going to have around 40 characters at this point and that’s a lot. Palutena may have been leaked.

        Ah, my “stealth” posts! Well, sometimes I’m not able to publish my posts by the deadline so I publish them in the past. For instance, I can finish a match now and make it publish so that it was created last week. I prefer not to do this, but once in a while the workload defeats me :O That’s why some of the posts don’t show up in the reader. For the most part, the posts should all appear in the reader.

      3. I heard about that. Personally, I’m choosing not to believe it until Sakurai confirms it.

        Oh, okay. That makes sense. I’ll just have to stalk your blog more. Thanks for telling me! 😀 I thought there was something wrong with my reader.

      4. It’s definitely just a rumor so far, so it’s good not to put too much confidence in it at this point. I think that it makes sense for her to be playable, but it could be a while. We need to finally confirm Ness and Ganondorf. Those guys are veterans and they deserve to be confirmed right away!

        No worries, you reader is all set! Always glad to see more blog views 😛

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