Train vs Axel

Axel has his fire weapons at the ready and he’s a pretty tough member of The Organization. That being said, Train was a member of the Chronos numbers and he’s one of the strongest combatants out there. Train’s excellent at long range with his nearly indestructible hand gun and he’s also lethal at close range with his excellent hand to hand techniques. I’m afraid that Axel will have to lose this round! Train wins.

7 thoughts on “Train vs Axel

    • No prob! Well, Records is a post that I do once every 1000 posts and it shows the current records of the 3000+ fighters currently on the blog. It’s a way for fans to check on how their favorite characters are doing. I’m beginning work on the post tonight and it should be up within a few weeks. After a short break, then the posting will resume as normal

  1. YAAY!! Finally, the records. I’ve waited a long time. I was wondering why you haven’t done any posts for a while. I thought it was either a really long review or the records. BTW, I know this is a frequently asked question, but why is Vegeta a high above and Goku isn’t? I mean, even if Vegeta is more powerful than Goku, which he isn’t anyway, shouldn’t Goku be a high-above too? Just think about it:
    Who got SSJ1 first? Goku.
    Who got SSJ2 first? Goku.
    Who got SSJ3first? Goku.
    Who got SSJ4 first? Goku.
    Who got SSJG? Goku.
    Why don’t you make Goku a high above too?

    • Yeah, Records is going to be pretty Awesome! I’m nearly done with it so the post will be up within the week.

      As for the High Above issue, Power isn’t the reason why Goku is not a high above. One thing that stops him is the fact that I no longer add any new high aboves and I’ve actually phased out most of my current ones. I got rid of over half of them and the few that remain are probably permanently stationed there. The High Aboves were created from their coolness points as opposed to power. The idea was that they were so cool that the blog handed them a free pass for all of their battles. Basically, they were given the right to win against any opponent that they face. Goku is a cool character, but I don’t think that any more characters will be joining the high aboves group

    • Well, at this point, he just seems too cool to take off of it. I took many guys out, but the ones that stayed are the best of the best. I don’t really think that anyone else will be dropping out. Vegeta’s classic! (Even though he looked bad in the recent film

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