Diddy Kong vs Bowser

Diddy shoots Bowser
Diddy Kong and Bowser had a pretty intense confrontation in Brawl. I have to agree with Nintendo’s verdict with this battle since Bowser’s impressive skills will be enough to win. Diddy Kong is quick on his feet, but Bowser has raw power on his side and that can definitely turn the tides in a fight. Bowser’s Giga Bowser form really seals the deal. Bowser wins.

63 thoughts on “Diddy Kong vs Bowser

  1. You said that in Knuckles vs Bowser that Bowser isn’t impressive and now you say he has impressive skills and yes I am the guy that says Bowser beats Knuckles just for you to know who I am.

    • Yeah, Bowser’s impressive in relation to someone like Diddy. Look I think Bowser is pretty tough, he’s just not nearly strong enough to deal with Sonic characters

      • It’s because I’ve played almost all of his games firsthand so there isn’t a lot of research that needs to be done. I know the character inside and out

      • I n the guide says that he didn´t do any Magic trick to escape the black hole or that if anyone help him escaped. Plus in inside story he escaped a black hole by pulling himself out.

      • Yeah but you’ve also got to account for ToonForce and the like. Put it this way, take aware the Black Hole scene and when have you ever seen Bowser move fast enough where you would consider him to be faster than light? I just haven’t seen that kind of feat from him

    • I still have my doubts. Okay, put it this way. I would say that Diddy is a little faster than Bowser, but I still say Bowser would win because the gap isn’t by much and Bowser is far more powerful. For someone like Sonic the gap is just too intense so no matter what I can’t see Bowser being able to do much of anything here

  2. Bowser has just the win here in Knuckles vs Bowser: He is stronger, durable, faster (Because he escaped a black hole), his punches are more powerful, more versatile, and has better forms. Knuckles may do some great damage to Bowser but he can´t surpass him in raw power. Then Dreamy Bowser could easily wish that Knuckles dies and that is the end for the guardian of the Master emerald.

    • I would make the case that Knuckles is stronger and more durable than Bowser but most importantly he’s a lot faster. Remember, Knuckles in his Hyper form was going toe to toe with Super Sonic. That really doesn’t bode well for Bowser because he is going to get absolutely blitzed on all sides. What can he possibly do at that point? Dreamy Bowser still can’t do the wishes thing though. That kind of attack just never works and for good reason. Knuckles will be there to block the wish every time with the powers of his heart and iron will.

      • Strength of Bowser: Able to carry a giant iron ball and throw it, pull out a giant carrot, can stop a train with his bare hands, can pull a island, can push a giant statue even if there is a lot of people pushing it too, can carry his castle and throw it, punched peach´s castle and it went flying around Earth in just seconds and came back to Bowser´s back.
        Bowser is more, more, and more stronger than Knuckles.
        Durability of Bowser: Can resist being stomp a lot of times by robots and castles, resisted being crashed by a train, survives lava, survived falling to a sun and a star, survived a supernova, survived a black hole, and survived the Big bang.
        Knuckles more durable than Bowser? I think not.
        I admit that Hyper Knuckles is faster than Bowser, but if its base Knuckles Bowser has speed in the bag. Knuckles can´t block Dreamy Bowser´s wishes I mean, what things are you making up?! Dreamy Bowser´ś wishes will work. Hyper Knuckles can´t avoid it, even with his incredible speed because Bowser´s wishes aren´ an attack they are like some kind of posses. Bowser would wish that Knuckles dies and that is the end. Stop making things up.

      • So here’s my problem with the wishes, they just won’t work on someone who has willpower. Knuckles could just shrug the wishes off and he would be okay. That’s just the kind of guy he is. Nothing phases him in the slightest. He won’t let Dream Bowser do what he wishes. Also keep in mind that the speed difference was already crazy before Hyper Knuckles was thrown into the mix. There’s no way to land a hit on Knuckles much less get him down for the count. That’s why Bowser is doomed here

  3. What would willpower do here? Knuckles doesn´t have any willpower, he haven´t show any willpower or anything in the Sonic games or series and you know it. Hyper Knuckles´ speed could be a problem for Bowser but with the Dream Stone he could wish that he loses his speed and Knuckles can´t block it or reflect it because he doesn´t have any willpower.

    • Knuckles has a lot of will power. Trust me, you need that in order to protect the Master Emerald at all times. You can’t just wish someone out of existence or for his abilities to be taken away. That kind of ability just doesn’t work and so Knuckles would still have the speed advantage and be able to dish out major pain.

      • I admit that Knuckles maybe has a will but not a will that protect him from things that can take him out of the picture. I mean, since when Knuckles has shown to have willpower that can protect him from things like this? The answer is Never, so he wouldn´t be protected from Bowser´s wishes and then he would be finished. Hyper Knuckles´s speed may be a problem from Bowser but his wishes do the trick. Bowser is the winner here.

      • Look, I just started Dream Team yesterday and I cleared the first 4 hours. I haven’t quite gotten to Dreamy Bowser yet although he made his partnership with Antasma but I still wouldn’t give the wishes a lot of weight. At the end of the day a wish is just something that you want to see happen but it doesn’t mean that it will happen. Knuckles will be able to resist the wishes because he just doesn’t want to die or lose his powers. His own wish will negate the other wish

  4. Knuckles sure has will but not a will that can protect him form wishes that can kill him and the wishes will work. Knuckles can´t just because he doesn´t want to die or lose his powers, its like you want to ask for mercy to someone like Bowser but that will not work since Bowser is not a guy who has mercy for his enemies. In the end Knuckles will just be finished.

    • If anything Bowser will be the one asking Knuckles for mercy. Okay, let me try a different tactic this time. Imagine that Knuckles is a giant seagull and Bowser is a fish. Isn’t it natural for the bird to scoop up the fish? What I’m getting at here is that Bowser is one of those villains who gets wrecked an awful lot and I don’t think that’s going to change here since Knuckles has strong will power and wins in stats

      • Knuckles doesn´t have willpower he hasn´t shown anything of willpower in the Sonic games or series so that means he doesn´t have willpower. Bowser gets wrecked by Mario because he just has better feats and better forms, plus Bowser beated once Mario while Knuckles got beat up by Sonic and Donkey Kong.

      • Knuckles has a ton of will power. That’s why he is always consistently giving people the hands. Nobody wants to mess with him and for good reason. Bowser wouldn’t be able to keep up with Knuckles in either speed or power. That’s why I would say that he is so doomed here

  5. Knuckles hasn´t used anything of willpower and you know it. we can just say that Knuckles has willpower since he never used something like that! Is like saying that Goku kaioken can beat vegeta SSJB evolution but we aren´t sure about that.

    • Knuckles uses willpower all the time. As for Goku Kaioken against SSJB Evolution, it’s pretty tough to be sure. If I had to pick I would say that Vegeta’s form is a tad bit stronger. It’s a close one to be sure but it uses up less energy and is just more efficient for combat

  6. Knuckles hasn´t used willpower everytime not even once! So that means he hasn´t willpower. Sure he has will but not willpower. He will be finished by Bowser´s wishes.

    • Bowser’s wishes can’t affect someone who is alive and ready to fight. It just doesn’t work that way. Knuckles will be able to resist his every whim. It’s what makes him such a tough fighter

      • Knuckles can´t do that just because he is a fighter that is always prepared to fight it doesn´t mean he can resist something that can take him out of the picture, he didn´t do anything like that in his whole life! Knuckles will be beaten up by Bowser.

      • Knuckles will take Bowser to the cleaners and I don’t say that lightly. Bowser is a very powerful villain that’s for sure, but Knuckles has dealt with guys like him before and come out on top. He’s just not the kind of fighter who will go down easy

  7. Bowser will be the one who will finish Knuckles. Knuckles has fighted many enemies but not a foe like Bowser. Bowser has already dealt with people more tougher than Knuckles like: Dark Bowser, Culex, and Mario.

    • Knuckles is far stronger than any of those guys though. Remember that Mario is consistently stomped by every kind of opponent you can think of. Mario’s never really been known as a heavy hitter for that reason

      • Mario gets stomped by every kind of opponent? That is just the opposite! Mario is the one who stomps every kind of opponent you can think of (Literally). Mario will beat Knuckles the same reason why he beats Sonic. He has many power ups that could overpower him. Bowser and Mario are in a higher level than Knuckles.

      • Mario’s lost to Bowser, Magic Koopas, Count Bleck, and many others. He loses constantly while Sonic and Knuckles are always holding it down against vastly superior opponents. That’s why Mario is doomed here

  8. Mario only lost to Bowser once, Mario has fought the Magic koopas many times and beated him and he never lost to him, and he beated Count Bleck too. He always stomps enemies every day. Sonic was also humiliated by Shadow, Zavok, Metal Sonic, Chaos, and Infinite and Knuckles got wrecked by Donkey Kong. Mario would overpower both of them with his power ups and has the star and the invincibility leaf that grants him invincibility and makes him immune to any type of attack so he would use the star or the leaf for Sonic´s and Knuckles´s super forms and would make him immune to their attacks.

    • Rewatch the Mario Galaxy opening and you’ll see what I mean. Mario’s a good hero but not one of the strongest. He got stomped by Tabuu and obliterated by a cannon ball back in Super Smash Bros Brawl. You wouldn’t see that happen to a guy like Sonic because Sonic is just too fast. He’s always got the edge in combat and a bunch of super forms if he absolutely needed them

      • Kamek just throw Mario out of the ship with a magic ball but that doesn´t mean he beated him. Mario beated Kamek many times too. Tabuu didn´t stomped Mario and if Sonic was there I am sure Tabuu would have defeated Sonic easily. Sonic got too wrecked by Shadow, Metal Sonic, Infinite, Chaos, and Zavok. Sonic may be fast but he will still be hitted by Mario and Mario can use the Star Driver that would match Sonic´ speed.

      • Let me stop you there, Sonic defeated Tabuu on his own. Keep in mind that this guy clowned the entire Super Smash Bros cast before Sonic got there. I think that shows how much more powerful Sonic is next to the others. They wish they were as good as Sonic there. All those guys you mentioned are immensely powerful so they would also wreck Mario. Mario just doesn’t have enough speed to keep up with them

  9. Sonic didn´t defeat Tabuu you could choose any character you want to fight Tabuu. You can choose Bowser, Kirby, Mario, Link, Ganondorf etc. So Sonic didn’t beat Tabuu…Not exactly. You are underestimating Mario my dear Sonic fan. Mario would beat all of the guys I mentioned also Mario can defeat Sonic, he can overpower him with his power ups. That is why Sonic is doomed.

    • No, watch the cutscene again. Tabuu beat up everybody and then Sonic came and in one hit took the guys wings out. He was then ready to beat him again and the gameplay mechanic is that you could pick someone else. Really it was Sonic doing all of the work. That’s why it was so awesome. Mario wouldn’t be able to do that

  10. He didn´t beat him he just stopped him but when you fight Tabuu you get to choose what character you want to fight Tabuu so Sonic didn´t exactly beat Tabuu.

      • Not exactly. He just stopped him from killing everyone but then you can choose who character you want to beat Tabuu so Sonic didn´t exactly beat Sonic. If you would have chosen Kirby then lets say that Kirby enters the fight and fights Tabuu while Sonic just watches and wishes Kirby good luck.

      • Right that’s what we call gameplay mechanics where it lets you pick anybody. We all know Sonic was the one who beat Tabuu though, that’s just so the player can have fun

  11. Sonic would need help of the others to defeat Tabuu. we already seen how powerful is that guy and we know Sonic can´t do this alone.

    • It’s true that Tabuu is strong but I disagree on him being able to stop Sonic. Keep in mind that Sonic could obliterate most of the Nintendo fighters with no real effort due to his extreme speed

  12. Shadow and Metal and nowhere near Tabuu´s power. Sonic may have defeated powerful foes but for someone like Tabuu he will need help.

  13. They may be faster but Tabuu has raw power in his hands. You think speed is everything here but that´s not it. Tabuu would crush them quickly.

    • Speed isn’t everything but it’s definitely most of it. What good is power when you can’t even hit the opponent? It’s a dilemma I’ve wrestled with for many years and the only response I could come up with is that speed is the best thing to have

      • Its just a matter of time that Tabuu hits Metal or Shadow they can´t avoid things forever that is why they are doomed.

      • They can’t avoid forever, I would agree with that. However, at the same time they just don’t need to do so. They have enough power to take Tabuu down fairly quick so then they wouldn’t need to dodge nearly as long

  14. Shark Blade – Tabuu transforms into a wide, vaguely shark-shaped blade, which flies horizontally across the stage. It is dodgeable by air-dodging or ducking if at ground-level.
    Diving Slash – Tabuu appears mid-air on one side of the stage, and dives, using a spiraling slash with a blade of energy. Because he will always go down on the ground it is “simply” dodgeable by jumping over his attack.
    Golden Bracket – Tabuu transforms into two brackets and flies across the stage, grabbing the character if not dodged and slamming him/her onto the stage. If played on Intense difficulty, this becomes a One-hit KO. There is no predefined way the brackets fly and when the player is unable to make a jump, the player should make an air-dodge.
    Chain of Light – Tabuu takes out a golden chain and swings it around in an attempt to catch the player. If he succeeds, he will swing the player around before smashing them into the ground. If played in two-player mode, he will smash the player he caught into the other player.
    Electrical Shield – Tabuu teleports to a random area. The object inside him splits into several balls, which fly in circles around him while emitting electricity. If the player manages to stay out of the attack, Tabuu is a sitting duck for projectiles.
    Rapid Chop – Tabuu teleports behind the character rapidly and repeatedly karate chops the area near the character. This move is easy to get caught and juggled in. The attack has less range than the visible shockwaves would indicate.
    Pinpoint Explosion – Tabuu points at five locations which will blink. Those locations will explode after a second. Avoided by staying away from the red spots before they explode.
    Tabuu-Projection – Tabuu shoots out lots of images of himself in all directions. Characters will take damage if they make contact with a projection. The player can dodge the projections, but take note that the projections leave a purple cloud behind when they hit a surface so that the player can still receive damage sidestepping the projection itself.
    Dragon Laser – Tabuu appears on the side of the stage and manifests a cannon shaped like a dragon’s head, which fires a powerful laser horizontally across the stage.
    Bullet Rain – Tabuu appears in a random area in the air and fires a barrage of small bullets. Tabuu fires a large energy ball after his Bullet Rain. Easily avoided by staying behind him, or by distancing the player’s own self and using all three of the player’s jumps.
    Shuriken Boomerang – Tabuu appears on one side of the stage and throws a star-shaped blade which flies across the stage like a boomerang before he catches it. Avoided by jumping and using Up-special to avoid the second swing. Despite its appearance, the boomerang only has three blades, but the speed of it makes it look like it has more.
    Eye Lasers – Tabuu flies into the foreground and disappears. A massive version of his head appears on the side of the stage and he fires two continuous red lasers from his eyes.
    Teleport – Tabuu teleports around the stage and appears at a set spawn which is randomly decided from a large number of spawns available. He also sometimes teleports behind the character and attacks with one of the available attacks. Tabuu makes a distinctive sound on his final teleport.
    Explosive Teleport – Tabuu teleports around, leaving a red explosion everywhere he teleports. On higher difficulties, this can instantly kill a player at low percentages.
    Off-waves – Tabuu’s most powerful attack. It is a massive wave of energy that deals a One-Hit K.O. if used at a reasonable difficulty. In the storyline, Tabuu uses this attack to turn everyone present in the Great Maze into trophies, and when he prepares to use it again, Sonic the Hedgehog shatters one of his wings, weakening him a little, but he still manages to pose a serious threat. In order to avoid these shock waves, a character must either roll or sidestep with accurate timing, but it may vary according to the character used.
    Tabuu got more impressive powers than Shadow and Metal.

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