Diddy Kong vs Bowser

Diddy shoots Bowser
Diddy Kong and Bowser had a pretty intense confrontation in Brawl. I have to agree with Nintendo’s verdict with this battle since Bowser’s impressive skills will be enough to win. Diddy Kong is quick on his feet, but Bowser has raw power on his side and that can definitely turn the tides in a fight. Bowser’s Giga Bowser form really seals the deal. Bowser wins.

11 thoughts on “Diddy Kong vs Bowser

  1. You said that in Knuckles vs Bowser that Bowser isn’t impressive and now you say he has impressive skills and yes I am the guy that says Bowser beats Knuckles just for you to know who I am.

    • Yeah, Bowser’s impressive in relation to someone like Diddy. Look I think Bowser is pretty tough, he’s just not nearly strong enough to deal with Sonic characters

      • It’s because I’ve played almost all of his games firsthand so there isn’t a lot of research that needs to be done. I know the character inside and out

      • I n the guide says that he didn´t do any Magic trick to escape the black hole or that if anyone help him escaped. Plus in inside story he escaped a black hole by pulling himself out.

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