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Lucario vs Palkia

Lucario and Palkia
Palkia is a pretty powerful Pokemon and his Arm Blade attacks can deal a lot of damage. Luckily, Lucario can block these strikes with his psychic sword or just evade them altogether. He now has access to his Mega form, which makes his power legendary as well. Lucario’s main advantage in this battle is his super speed and it may be a deciding factor in his battle against Palkia. Lucario wins.


8 thoughts on “Lucario vs Palkia”

  1. Lucario fighting / steel type
    Palkia water / dragon type
    Fighting is ineffective against dragon types. Dragon type moves are super effective against steel. Lucario has high attack and special attack, but has low defense and special defense. Palkia has high stats that are close to each other. In the 260 to 400 range. Lucario needs a mega stone to mega evolve. If he does get it, then it is only fair if Palkia gets the lustrous orb. Lucario would only win if it was my lucario.

    1. Your Lucario must be pretty impressive! Palkia gets the orb as well, but Lucario’s Mega Form takes this. The hand to hand techniques are very fierce and I don’t see Palkia being able to keep up with them. Palkia has some very lethal attacks of his own, but Lucario can counter them with his aura abilities. They get stronger as he gets weaker to it’s a very potent attack. The type disadvantage makes it risky for Lucario, but not impossible.

  2. Because of the type advantage, palkia can one shot lucario, even in his mega form. Lucario’s aura powers pale in comparison to Palkia’s reality warping powers. He’s is the god of space, after all. Lucario’s only hope of winning is his speed and physical strength. After playing a lot of Gen 5 and 6, I’ve noticed that the move stone edge can easily ko my lvl 100 lucario, even in mega form. And I’ve trained him using a macho brace and even gave him a bunch of stat boosting items. So he’s pretty strong. But if palkia can use stone edge, lucario is dead.

    1. Type advantages are good, but I believe that one shot is pushing it. Lucario is extremely powerful and Brawl helped him out a lot. His final smash would deal massive damage to Palkia. Both of them would be at lvl 100 in this battle, but Lucario’s speed and hand to hand skills should give him the edge. He’ll get a lot more hits on Palkia than Palkia can return, which will eventually add up to his win

  3. Obvious Pokemon noob is obvious. Palkia’s high sp.attack + greater speed than Lucario + aura sphere = gg Lucario

    Don’t make me bring up anime or lore Palkia who was easily warping space and destroying reality in his fight with Dialga. Palkia can even universe bust along with Dialga. Lucario does not stand a chance. Again its steel jackal with aura abilities vs the manifestation of the reality around us, the being who represents a factor of the universe.

    1. Noob? I’ve played Fire Red, Ruby and Diamond. I haven’t gotten the latest ones yet, but I’m working on it! They just come out with so many that it’s tough to keep up. Now, are you forgetting about Lucario’s Mega Form? That easily makes him much faster than Palkia and his attack power is nearly up to par. The universe busting was always dicey at best and warping space with a big fight is nothing compared to a Pokemon who can reach the summit of a mountain before the Ice Climbers. Palkia is strong, but he’s far too slow to keep up.

      1. Palkia is actually faster than Lucario because he can easily warp Lucario into a repeat loop by messing around with reality so Lucario finds himself in the same place over and over again. Yes, his Spacial Rend attack actually annihilated a universe which he and Dialga created. Also the latest games came out ages ago. Black and White came out at least six years ago.

      2. I’m still catching up with the games, but I’ll be there soon. As for his universe busting, it’ll still be tough to use that before Lucario has his way with him. Messing with reality has its limits and it doesn’t take away the fact that Lucario will still have the speed edge. Palkia will be at the end of his rope and some good aura attacks will take him out.

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