Rin Okumura vs One Above All

Rin Okumura may have only been a decent character in the manga series, but I find him to be a likable person in the anime adaption of Blue Exorcist. That’s why I figured that he could use a win to keep his record above the negative range. I can’t say that I’ve ever found the One Above All to be particularly likable so it’s time for him to take a loss. Rin Okumura wins.

2 thoughts on “Rin Okumura vs One Above All

    • I found him less sympathetic and charismatic in the manga. It’s hard to say why exactly as this happened right away for me. The anime diverges from the manga at around episode 15-18, but I had already preferred Rin in the anime version from episode 1. Perhaps the voice actor helps to get his personality better or something. The manga art isn’t my favorite either which likely helps. Typically, I don’t find such a big difference between anime and manga so that was a pretty big thing for me

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