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Ryuji Suguro vs Rin Okumura

Ryuji Suguro is Rin’s rival and he has been shown to be able to keep up with Rin academically. That being said, a fight is about combat skills and Rin is clearly superior in that category. Ryuji hasn’t been able to get anywhere near Rin when it comes to fighting and you can safely say that the Rin from volume 1 could beat the current Ryuji. That’s pretty sad for the big rival of the series, but maybe he will improve someday. Rin Okumura wins.

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Rin Okumura vs James Bond

Rin is back once again and it’s time for him to take another win. James Bond has his gun at the ready, but it simply won’t be enough this time. Rin has the advantage when it comes to speed and he’s also a better hand to hand fighter when it counts. His style is direct and it’s not “official” so it would be tough for James Bond to counter. Rin Okumura wins.

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Rin Okumura vs One Above All

Rin Okumura may have only been a decent character in the manga series, but I find him to be a likable person in the anime adaption of Blue Exorcist. That’s why I figured that he could use a win to keep his record above the negative range. I can’t say that I’ve ever found the One Above All to be particularly likable so it’s time for him to take a loss. Rin Okumura wins.

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Tsuna vs Rin Okumura

Tsuna is immensely powerful and there are few characters who can stop him. His X Burner attack can defeat many opponents in an instant and this match is no exception. Rin may use blue flames to take down his opponents, but this is a match that he cant win. Tsuna’s abilities are on a different level. Tsuna wins.

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Bass vs Rin Okumura

Rin Okumura is back and now he’s up against the legendary Bass! I think we both know who’s going to win this round, but at least Rin Okumura got himself a win prior to this match. Bass is definitely climbing up to the 500-0 tower and he’ll be there soon. It’s truly an amazing feat that no other character has ever been close to! Bass wins.

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Rin Okumura vs Edward

Rin Okumura makes his debut match on the blog! Edward is pretty tough and he can use alchemy to make just about anything that he wants! Still, in the end it won’t be enough to take on someone like Rin Okumura. Rin Okumura’s sword skills are pretty impressive and you can’t stop his blue flames. Rin Okumura wins.