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Rin Okumura vs Edward

Rin Okumura makes his debut match on the blog! Edward is pretty tough and he can use alchemy to make just about anything that he wants! Still, in the end it won’t be enough to take on someone like Rin Okumura. Rin Okumura’s sword skills are pretty impressive and you can’t stop his blue flames. Rin Okumura wins.

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Alphonse vs Edward

Alphonse and Edward were always pretty tough fighters. Together there aren’t many fighters who can take them down! Alphonse has a lot of raw power and with it he pwns a lot of opponents. Of course Edward is faster and better at hand to hand combat.

Alphonse may be less athletic, but considering that he’s in a suit of armor it’s understandable. Edward has also witnessed true power and even used some of it at the end of the series. Alphonse is just a bit out of his league in this match. He was close, but in the end there’s a reason that Edward’s the main character. Edward wins.

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Allen vs Edward

This is a match of weak main characters. Allen (I can’t even begin to describe how weak he is) is just a sad character. Edward is the generic main character who knows alchemy. Sadly alchemy isn’t a really good power. Actually it can be a great power Edward just never uses it right. Sadly even he can beat Allen. Edward wins.


Since this was last written, things have changed. Allen has gotten 2 power ups and a big sword. Edward has also gotten a powerup but it’s pretty cheap. Allen wins.