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Elaine Belloc vs Bass

This could arguably be one of Bass’ toughest matches yet! Elaine has limitless power and the skill to use it properly. Unfortunately, her limitless power doesn’t come with a lot of feats and Bass has those in spades. One solid Earthbreaker should be enough to get through her defenses and end the match. There are few who can match up to him! Bass wins.

21 thoughts on “Elaine Belloc vs Bass”

      1. yes it is,Ellaine at the peak of her power power is merging multiverse together and holding the entire creation on her hands and she also erased hell and gods just by willing it.She also accidentally created her own universe (without the presence power)

      2. Creation abilities are good, but they aren’t helpful in a fight. The whole willing things out of existence goes against blog rules and Bass could just speedblitz her anyway. Elaine can’t keep up with that level of speed.

    1. Not true, Several “omnipotents” have been defeated in pretty embarrassing ways, such as being impaled (The Presence was killed by an angel with a rogue sword, even though he was claimed to be Omnipotent), Thanos wiped the floor with TOAA in Infinity Conflict, and in the Preacher Universe, The Saint of Killers killed God, GOD. Pretty sure all of that Bass can do easily, he is one of, if not the strongest beings in all of media.

  1. lol you serious,how can Bass defeat Ellaine whos erased gods and hell with just a thought,holds the entire creation in her hands(she can grow bigger than entire multiverse) and she also accidentally created her own universe.I just cant see her losing here and also search the meaning of omnipotent because

      1. Its not just hype read the Lucifer comics ch 74-75 she became omnipresent and give all her friends happy ending.And how is she going to get speed blitz she’s omniscience she merged with everything,she is everything even if you destroyed everything she can still exist outside creation and she also has absolute control over time and reality .She’s more powerful and stronger than Lucifer who tanked a multiversal bigbang without a scratch.Bass at his best is just a planet level while Elaine is above multiversal.And doesnt come with alot of feats? just read the comics where she created with her own universe with her fathers power(issue 59) then the presence gives elaine the responisbility of God and she merges the three creations becoming God (issue 69)

      2. Yes and that’s good, but it won’t help in combat. Again, creating things isn’t the same as destroying them. Bass is definitely better than planetary level and we can’t forget his speed. Even if she is everywhere, that just means that Bass can punch anywhere and still hit her. It puts her at a big disadvantage.

  2. Bass is planetary level.When Elaine Elaine got irritated you know what happened? a planet split into two.She’s everywhere,she is everything even if you destroy the entire universe that wont work because Elaine isnt dependent on creation its the otherway around if Elaine leaves everything will ceast to exist because creation is dependent on her.Lucifer destroyed the mansion of silence which contained infinite amount of universes and Elaine is still way above him.Elaine chased the child of Basanaos across the universe,she also turned her into a baby and depowered her.Are we really debating if Bass can win against God? even if you pit all Megaman characters againts Elaine,they will all get annihalated within seconds.Elaines physical feats are more impressive than Bass AND why will she get speedblitzed? Elaine flew across three universes,heaven,hell and the dimension of the voiceless gods in less than an hour that proves shes massively faster than the speed of light.So how can he defeat her?what feat does he have that puts her above Elaine?heck even the titans can oneshot Bass.

    1. You had me at Bass is planetary level. I agree that he’s easily reached that milestone and then some. When you factor in his unbelievable speed…this fight doesn’t even look fair by the end!

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