Madara vs Obito

20140118021508!Uchiha_Madara (1)
Obito is a proud shinobi and his skills should not be underestimated. He is an Uchiha so he does have the wondrous power of the Sharingan…but so does Madara! Madara definitely has the edge because he’s essentially known as the ultimate Uchiha. Aside from Sasuke, there are very few opponents who can keep up with his speed or terrifying ninjutsu. Madara wins.

*Spoilers in the comments*

2 thoughts on “Madara vs Obito

  1. Obito is the ten tails jinchuriki how scan you underestimate him that much? At least put a picture of his adult form to make this battle look more epic

    • Well, I didn’t mention it due to the possible spoilers. I definitely took it into consideration, but that’s why I had to choose the kid form. Either way Madara was going to win since he has some pretty impressive abilities as well

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