Gilgamesh vs Bass

Gilgamesh is back, but this round is a bit of a mismatch. Bass can easily speedblitz Gilgamesh using his legendary speed and his Darkness Overload is more than a match for any blade that Gilgamesh possesses. Bass has obtained Hubstyle as well, which amps up all of his abilities much like the Super Saiyan transformation of legend. Bass crushes Gilgamesh in this round and proves that he’s the best. Bass wins.


2 thoughts on “Gilgamesh vs Bass

  1. Bass multiplies his stats by 50 with hubstyle? That’s Super Saiyan for ya after all. And don’t forget that transformations don’t matter in DBZ as much as base power level does.

    • Could be 50 or higher, maybe even lower. It’s never been proven just how much it amps up one’s abilities, but it’s definitely a considerable amount. Base power level is important for the multiplier, but transformations are always critical

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