Megaman X vs Kid Bass

Megaman X is back and he’s in for his toughest fight yet! Megaman X had been far ahead of Kid Bass for a long time throughout the franchise. You couldn’t even compare the two. Then, Rockman Gigamix came into being and Kid Bass got some pretty serious powers. He could not fight at super speeds in the air or on the ground. Megaman X’s capabilities haven’t fully been seen yet and a similar series for him could close the gap, but Kid Bass definitely has the edge as it stands. He’s finally become a good counterpart to his EXE version. Kid Bass wins.

14 thoughts on “Megaman X vs Kid Bass

  1. LOLNO.

    Mega Man X laughs off anything Bass throws at him and then rips him in half with no effort at all. Even if you had Bass teamed up with Mega Man, Proto Man, Duo and every robot master, he still wouldn’t stand any chance against X. At all. X is so far above anything in the Classic series (feat-wise and canonically) that it’s not even funny.

    • This is definitely a close one, I’ll agree with you there. You could make some real arguments for Megaman X here. That being said, Bass did have some really good feats in the manga.

      • There are no arguments for Classic Bass beating X. At all. And it’s not close at all. All of Classic Bass’ feats, manga or no, are easily trumped by X in every way.

        X stomps, stop being biased. An argument could be made for Classic Bass beating Proto Man or Duo, but X is completely out of his league in every way possible.

      • Are you sure that you’ve looked at the manga titles like Gigamix or are you just going off of the lore of the original games? In the manga, Bass got exceptionally strong and can definitely take on X characters.

      • No he can’t. In the manga Bass is Planet Level. That is MANY times weaker than X characters, who are Star Level, and have better hax.

        Classic Bass is fodder to X, admit it.

      • Er, Megaman X characters are not Star Level. At the very least Megaman X and Zero are not.

        I still don’t understand the concept of taking feats out of a wormhole and giving them to characters. If you look at the series in context, then it’s clear that these characters cannot be star level. If they were, then the whole series is riddled with power level inconsistencies all over the place.

      • Yes they are. Lumine blows up the sun he somehow created in his alternate dimension at the end of X8 through an omnidirectional attack called paradise lost. X, Axl and Zero tank it head on with no visible damage afterwards while the sun is destroyed and the dark nature of his dimension is shown. Plus there’s a shitton of star level calcs for X, Zero and other X characters.

        . Using gameplay mechanics is flawed because by this logic Kirby is wall level when he’s planet level via feats.

      • Right, but we have no way of knowing whether or not that Sun is as durable as the genuine article. Gameplay mechanics aren’t the greatest, but they tend to be more accurate. For example, there is no way that Kirby is planetary level or even close. From playing the games you can easily tell that he’s not meant to be that strong. He has a tough time with random minions. He is decently strong, but more like Captain America/Luke Cage strong as opposed to Goku level. With his Power Star he moves up the ranks, but on his own he definitely doesn’t live up to his feats.

      • It is, so I just try and choose the most consistent option. In the Gigamix manga, Kid Bass was fighting off opponents and pulling off great feats that I have a tough time picturing Megaman X taking on.

      • Kirby is large planet level.

        Plenty of calculations put X and Zero at massively faster than light (as in thousands of times FTL) and large star level. generally calcs for Mega Man, Bass, Proto Man, Duo ETC put them at Massively faster than light (250c) and around planet level.

        Bass is nothing compared to X, stop being a Bass tard.

      • See, I never buy these calcs. They just come out of the woodworks. I do admit that I am a bit of a big Bass fan tho.

      • Doesn’t matter. Lumine destroyed a sun and by Mega Man Zero X should be well above Lumine.

        Also, Bass is canonically weaker than X since he’s equal more or less to Mega Man and Mega Man is far below X.

      • You’re making a lot of assumptions though. X doesn’t have to be stronger and Bass should be roughly equal to Mega Man, but the manga changed that. You’re basing everything on how it should be rather than how it actually is.

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