Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Volume 2 Review

Sonic’s comics continue to prove that they can hold their own against the competition with this volume. Eggman is ready with some more plans, but the Freedom Fighters shall never yield! The series was still a comedy with some action at the time, but the superb writing and spot on art make it work. It’s hard to have a main character who’s as cool as Sonic nowadays.

There are quite a few stories in this collection. One story adapts the famous Christmas Carol story and Eggman is visited by Snively and multiple Sonics. Will they be able to show Eggman the error of his ways or will everything be for naught? We also have an adaption of Sonic Spinball and things are definitely a little rough for Sonic to say the least. He may have finally met his match since Eggman’s booby traps are everywhere and even Sonic’s speed will have a tough time countering them. One of the highlights was probably the issue where Sonic had to fight off a bunch of robots based off of famous comic book characters. Let’s just say that Spawn is one of them and Sonic has to exploit the weakness that all superheroes have. The fact that they have to pose for the camera! Other stories have the Olympics where the Freedom Fighters must stop Eggman and his cronies, A search for Uncle Chuck’s treasure, and more. There are definitely a lot of tales to be told despite the small size of the collection.
Surprisingly, there are many people who refuse to believe that Sonic is faster than light. That’s why I posted a picture that confirms that he is. This is one of the many reasons why the old Sonic comics were awesome. They try to nerf him nowadays by making him only around supersonic in normal battle speed, but that’s not the Sonic that I grew up with. He casually moves at hypersonic speeds in this volume and as shown, Sonic can also reach lightspeed at will with no prep time. Does he need to start building up speed first like Superman? No! Sonic is just That good!

Sonic is as likable as ever. He’s the best fighter that the team has and he knows it! Sonic really flaunts his speed in the collection and this never gets old. We get all kinds of crazy feats and the other Freedom Fighters take it in stride. Eggman will land the occasional shot in, but Sonic is always grinning so you can tell that he’s not worried. Why would he be? Sonic does manage to defeat Eggman and his cronies whenever he feels like it so he definitely has every right to be immensely confident. Yup, it’s definitely hard for any of the other characters to match Sonic’s brilliance.

Eggman is also pretty solid in this collection. He does especially well in the Christmas Carol since he actually mails a bomb to the Freedom Fighters. You gotta admit that this is actually a great plan and it’s not even that risky. I also find it pretty awesome to see Eggman trash his subordinates with such ease. At one point, he’s tossing one of his minions in the dumpster when a Swatbot comes in to watch. He’s goading Eggman on and loving every second of it…until he’s thrown in as well. See, Eggman really doesn’t mess around and that’s why he’s so intense!

The rest of the characters are around. I mean, Sally is your typical leader and the Walrus is still decently smart as well. Snively is already on the losing side of things and Tails doesn’t appear for very long. I will say that I like the Swatbots more and more as they continue to appear in the comics. It’s just hard to make minions that cool anymore. They make puns and they even insult the heroes when necessary. As a certain commenter once said “Your insults are not necessary.” They may not be, but the Swatbot likes to throw them in anyway!

These are definitely the Sonic comics that I remember. I have to say that the Sonic comics from back in the day are easily better than the competition from DC and Marvel. The comics even address this as Sonic beats up all of your favorite mascots from the good ole days. I will admit that the old Superman comics do give this title some competition, but Sonic edges out. It’s consistently great! We’re still in the older days of the series and it’ll be fun to see how the series develops. One thing’s for sure, the Sonic comic series was awesome as a comedy and it’s awesome as a plot based series in the current issues. Either the author is that good or Sonic is a franchise that will always turn out okay. (Even Sonic Boom has its charm)

Overall, There really isn’t anything wrong with this Sonic collection. All of the comics are a lot of fun and it doesn’t fall into any holes. The art is great and the writing is just as solid. The adventures are all pretty amusing and the many references add extra replay value to the issues. We can’t forget the fact that this comic finally ends the debate of whether Sonic is lightspeed in his base form or not. It’s something that I’ve always figured and it’s good to have some confirmation of this. I highly recommend this collection and it’s a very light read. It won’t take you too long to breeze through it, but you’ll be reminded of why you liked the Sonic franchise in the first place. Sonic definitely has the most successful game based comic series of them all and I’m looking forward to reading the next volume! (Hopefully this title convinced you to buy Sonic Spinball!)

Overall 7/10

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